Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

This week I continued eating a few days of MORE food than I should. I was nervous about this, but I think it's beneficial to me as this is the second week in a row with a loss. I am happy to report that I think maybe my workout might be having an effect on my husband (finally) as he worked out two days in a row for the first time in a very long time this week. He still does not work out regularly, which is starting to make me mad. I don't know how to describe it. But it's really hard to not be jealous of his ability to not care, eat whatever he wants, and not work out. On the other hand, he's seeing huge changes in me... if he doesn't admire my tenacity then I'd question a lot more things about him than I care to at the moment.

Weight: 160.4 lbs (-1.0 lb)
In all fairness, I really should be clocking this at 160.5 lbs, but I wanted a nice round number so I went with my first weight this week rather than the average.

Just some Thoughts on My Workout
I Turbo Fire this week. I have been sticking to doing weight lifting from ChaLEAN Extreme Monday, Wednesday and Friday in addition to the basic Turbo Fire workout schedule. Last Wednesday when I did HIIT workout, Stretch 10 combined with ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Circuit 2 I was the most exhausted I have been from a work out to date! However the next day was a longer arobic program that was so much fun I forgot how tired I was.

By the way, the ab workout in ChaLEAN Extreme is seriously no joke! It uses resistance bands to help maximize the crunch. It was only 20 minutes but it was killer. I followed it up with 40 minutes of stretching, which I think will become my "Burn Intervals" for Turbo Fire (meaning I'll hate it but see a benefit in doing it.

Goal for Next Week
If I'm not in the 150's I will be very mad at myself!!!

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