Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Time for some analysis. You know how I've been questioning my body's metabolic rate now that I'm doing TurboFire and have noticed a definite improvement in my overall fitness since the New Year break? Well, I am clearly still having trouble figuring out exactly what I need to do.

Weight: 161.6 lbs (+1.2 lbs)

Now, here's what I know:
  • Exercise - I have this covered so well it's not even funny. I'm getting in all my exercise and I don't miss one. I even switch it up every 90 days or so. I have since the beginning back in May.
  • Food - I am NOT consistently eating over my budget of 1350 calories per day. My ratios of Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins may be off. But still, a calorie deficit should mean weight loss, right?
  • Calorie Expenditure - I am keeping track of Exercise by using my heart rate monitor to determine calories out.
  • Calorie Intake - I am writing everything down in the Lose It App. It also tells me what my max calorie intake should be.
This Week's Food Intake Graph (From Lose It)
Eating above the red line means I've had more than my allotted amount per day. I can eat more than 1350 calories IF I exercise and create the deficite. The 1350 calories already assumes I want to lose 1.5 lb per week.

Now the previous two weeks when
 I was losing:

You will notice the biggest difference is that I have a lower weekly calorie deficit. And in fact, I over ate on several days of the week. I think maybe I should try eating up to the red line regardless of the exercise during the day and see what happens for next week.

Anyway... Have a look. Give me your take below. I am all ears!


  1. You're not eating enough given your outtake. =)

  2. I have thought about it some more since we chatted this morning...

    "But still, a calorie deficit should mean weight loss, right?"

    Not necessarily... if you are not getting enough calories in, then your body will start to hoard calories in order to conserve energy, making it harder to lose weight. This is why crash diets don't work over mid-to-long term and can permanently fuck up your body's metabolism.

    So.... next time we go out to lunch, we are both getting dessert! :)

  3. Jeweled Thumb and Kara - You are both coming to the same conclusion so therefore I must listen to it. I guess I will do what I can to hit that line every day for the next week and see what happens. Hopefully an improvement!

  4. As mentioned previously, you need to make sure you hit a certain minimum of calories each day, otherwise your body starts to get concerned that you are starving it, and your metabolism will slow down. I would suggest trying to hit at least ~1200 a day or so; if you go slightly under that is fine, but I see you had at least one day under 1000 and that is just not enough for your body! So I would aim for that 1200-1350 range for best results. :)

  5. This is extremely interesting.
    I can't offer any expertise, but I'm really enjoying your scientific approach to this.
    Thanks again for sharing all the work you are doing!
    I'm sure you will continue to make progress.

  6. I've mentioned this before so you already know what I think but I will mention it again.

    Your body needs a vacation from dieting. Eat whatever you want for a week or two to get your metabolism going again then go back to your calorie counting.

    It works for me. And I sincerely commend you on your weight loss journey!

  7. Jenny - Actually, on those days I didn't go under 1350 calorie intake. Just with my expenditure of exercise, my net was lower than 1000. Maybe that makes more sense to explain. I understand what you're saying - what I'm wondering is if I need to increase my intake to make up for the net loss.

    Bill - It is interesting, isn't it? Frustrating too... :)

    ggggg - Yes, that's essentially what I did on those weeks where I lost. This was me going back to more of a diet. And I gain. I am trying to list to my body on the "am I hungry" "am I not hungry" issue too... but I still haven't found the perfect balance for my new fitness level/metabolism.

  8. I just thought of something I saw a couple of years ago. I remember a show on a few years ago where they had several people trying to lose weight and one of the women took up running and put herself on a low calorie diet. Eventually, after losing a lot of weight she could not lose any more and kept lessening her caloric intake.

    The "expert" said she was actually not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise she was doing. He increased her intake and she started to lose weight again.

    I know this is kind of sketchy but I hope it helps. I'm pulling for you!

  9. ggggg - Yes, there are a lot of instances if you ask around about this and I think that could very well be what I'm dealing with. So noted, and giving it a shot. Just always reaching my "line" every day will be an increase in calories if I'm still exercising. That should be a good enough "test" without going overboard. :)

    I appreciate your support so much you have no idea!

  10. Everyone has covered what I would have said about eating more, but I wanted to tell you I started using Lose It and so far I like it a bit more than FitDay. We'll see how long it takes for me to become neurotic. :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Hi Amber!
    If you fill it out with the stuff you usually eat in recipes and Custom Foods it gets SO Easy! And once you use it for a couple of weeks, picking formerly eaten meals from the past list is a snap. I hope you continue to like it! :)

  12. I just want to say that I agree with everyone else. I know on WW you are required to eat your minimum points and they recommend you eat your weekly points too. Your body needs fuel, if it doesn't get fuel it stalls, just like a car. Awesome job!

    BTW, I started doing the Turbo Jam again (in addition to my running). I'll keep you posted.

  13. Hi Kristi!
    Yes I've been trying to get it all in this week. We'll see what happens. We find out tomorrow! About Turbo Jam, let me know how it goes. Once you get going, you may want to switch to TurboFire. I'll be writing a review on that soon. It's like Turbo Jam on speed! :)


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