Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Robbery Palette

Back in December I got this innocent little email from Sephora telling me that I had a mere $1 left to spend to achieve VIB for the following year. For the record, I think they are wrong and didn't record some of my in-store purchases. But regardless, it gave me an excuse to pick up something fun. I browsed the Sephora Sale hoping for a good deal and came across the Tokidoki Robbery Palette. Why did I choose this palette? I thought it might be a good way to get to know the brand. I think I made a good purchase.

What is It?
They really should call this something like the "Robbery Case" because it contains three palettes: Royal Pride, Arlecchino, and Rapina. Other than that it's a very decorative tin with a mirror on the inside and a cute tokidoki magnet on the front. You can remove everything from the inside and use the tin for storage, which is kind of cool. But really, this "palette" is all about the packaging.

The Palettes
I didn't do single swatches for this - I just decided to see if I could do a complete eye look with each palette. I may swatch shadows separately if you want. Just let me know. But I figured it might be more useful to know if you could get a complete look (minus lips) out of each palette.

By the way, because you can remove each palette, I think these will make xcel

Royal Pride
Obviously this palette gets it's name from the bronzer it contains. The palette consists of four shadows and a bronzer.
  • Lion Pappa Eye Shadow - Shimmery Tan. Used here in crease and outer third.
  • Savana Eye Shadow - Yellow shimmery. Very yellow. Used here in inner third.
  • Ercolini Eye Shadow - Very orange bronze shadow, my favorite of this palette. Used here in the middle.
  • Bulleto Eye Shadow - Dark brown, almost black. Used here as liner
  • Royal Pride Bronzer - Very light, wearable bronzer.
Using Royal Pride, I was able to create a look, but I didn't have a brow highlight color. That was the only downfall of this palette for me. Bulleto makes a very nice liner, by the way. Other than that, it is very warm so cooler tones may have trouble with it. All the shadows are very easy to work with.

Face using Royal Pride Palette
Arlecchino Palette
This palette was by far the most interesting palette to me. But I wasn't quite sure how I would use the colors together.
  • Soya Eye Shadow - Wassabe green eye shadow. Shimmery. Used here on inner.
  • Candy Cane Eye Shadow - Matte white that is actually very sheer. I used it as highlighter.
  • Ninja Dog Eye Shadow - Purple blue shimmer. Used here on outer third.
  • Meteo Eye Shadow - Dark blue shadow. I used it as a liner.
  • Momobella Blush - Gorgeous pale pink. But it's easy to go overboard with it. I had to sheer it out.
Overall, I agree with my friend Kara about this palette: I like all the colors here but I probably wouldn't use them together on a regular basis. It was very funky. Not that I mind the idea of blues and greens together but if Royal pride was a warm palette, this one was a touch too cool for me (and a touch more wild than my face can handle). Good thing the shadows are buildable and sheer!

Rapina Palette
This palette turned out to be the most interesting palette. The colors in here are actually very fun. I could see myself using these with other colors as well. Like the Arlecchino palette, I might not use these all together ever again.
  • Liberty Eye Shadow - Dark green shimmery shadow, almost black. Used here over the entire lid.
  • Bullets Eye Shadow - Silver shimmer shadow used here in crease and highlight.
  • LA Gun Eye Shadow - Dark blue shimmer shadow dochrome black. Used here smudging the lash line.
  • Adios Eye Shadow - Matte Black used as a liner here.
  • Pulpettina Blush - Raspberry blush. I had to sheer this one out too.
Smokey overload! So this is the palette you pull out when you really want to go sexy smoke. I was so reminded of MAC Club, Carbon... you know how it is. I should probably do some comparison swatches. But this is easily the most fun palette to work with. I found the blush problematic, though. If I'm going this smokey with the eye, then I don't want a heavy blush. Pulpettina is more color than my pale face can handle with a smokey eye. 
Face using Rapina Palette
Savana, Soya, and Bulleto are the only shadows that appear to be in the listing of the Chromatico eye shadows that Sephora carries. I assume that means they are permanent. Overall the quality of these shadows was on par with what I like (MAC) and I was able to play with them to get the color payoff I wanted. I did go sheer with them - I was wearing these looks to work after all.  I love the palette packaging, though I think they went overboard with the tin. I appreciate the utility of it. Based on the offerings in this palette, expect to see me purchasing more Tokidoki this year. This is good stuff!

Bottom Line
Definitely a palette for someone with a large variety of eye makeup tastes!This palette is on sale at Sephora for $39. For the price I consider it an excellent value and a good way to get to know Tokidoki. However, I think everyone buying this will have one favorite palette they go to the most.

Seriously crazy packaging! But I love it. :)