Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something To Think About As You're Grabbing Your Lunch...

I saw @DeniseZakiya tweet this You Tube video last night. I instantly retweeted, but in the interest of New Years Resolutions and Weight Loss I wanted to make sure I highlighted it on my blog. If anything, it helps me keep track of the information in this video.

Notes: You will learn MUCH more about food and what it does inside your body from this video. So even if your problem is not Diet Soda, have a look. There's some good stuff here!

How Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain

Incidentally, I haven't had diet soda since I gave it up last spring. I haven't had regular soda either. I do consider my choice to remove these items from my diet one of the key componants to my diet changes that have helped me lose 40 lbs so far.