Friday, February 11, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Hale Bob Coral Stretch Silk Tube Top

I think I just have spring on my mind. Items evoking the feeling of warmth and fun have been catching my eye. So it should be no surprise to anyone what I chose to feature something
"tropical" today.

Image from Hale Bob's Website
Hale Bob "Coral" Stretch Silk Tube Top - On Sale $109
I adore the vibrant colors and the interplay of prints. I love how the top cinches at the waist and is long enough to go over hips. I have uses for a top like this! It's easy to wear on it's own, or I could toss a cardigan over it and make it work appropriate (we're pretty casual in Dayton). Either way this is a usable way to dress up an otherwise drab wardrobe.

Will I Buy It?
At the sale price it's a toss up. It's more expensive than I'd like but it IS silk, so maybe.  I am also a little nervous about fit. Additionally, I imagine care is probably dry clean only, which can sometimes be a hindrance for me. I don't know. I could keep an eye out for it on usual suspects (Rue-la-la, HauteLook, Ideeli) and maybe it'll show up cheaper. But I don't think my hesitance is a question of price. More... can I pull it off? I'm so used to putting on tops like this and people saying "Oh that would make a good maternity top!" Arg.