Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evil Shades PUSH Gloss - Pushing "PUSH" (And Reviewing It)

I'm going to start  this review by fully admitting I have a bias on this product. I want you to purchase it. Evil Shades is donating 80% of the proceeds to PUSH Dayton (Professionals United for Sexual Health). I believe everyone needs to be informed and that sexual education is extremely important. Purchasing this product will help educate my community, so yes I am biased.

I first contacted Andrea of Evil Shades to see if she might be interested in donating or the PUSH Event Runway the Right Way back about a month ago. I got her in touch with my co-worker who is part of PUSH and asked me if I had anything to donate. Networking pays off, I guess. But seriously, this color actually is GORGEOUS!

Unusual color for Evil Shades, don't you think? 

This gloss is a pigmented coral with slight blue shimmer. It works well with my skin tone. I had a friend of mine with a more olive toned skin try it and while she is more partial to deeper and berry colors I still think this worked for her for a bright color.

Smooth, maybe a little thick getting out of the tube. I always have to double or triple dip my wand for application.

This gloss, like every gloss I've tried from Evil Shades, is very moisturizing on my lips. I get normal wear for a gloss, maybe slightly better just because of it's pigmentation.

At $6.00 a pop it's a steal!

Bottom Line
(Unbiased Opinion) With the approach of spring, it's seasonally appropriate and you can't get good quality much cheaper. Plus, you can feel good when you make your purchase.

(Biased Opinion) Buy one, buy two, buy ten! It's for a great cause and it's actually a good product!!!

(Guilt Trip: If you read this and you consider yourself my friend and you don't buy this and I find out I might get a little mad at you just a little.)