Sunday, February 20, 2011

Legwarmers - Yes or No?

My lovely colleague @GruberGirl has one of the best senses of personal style out of anyone I know. She is also one of the few people I know who has transitioned from the Dayton area to NYC. She is well traveled and adapts to any situation.

I would describe her style as "sophisticated comfy-sporty". I also think she always looks fantastic. So when I saw her wearing these, it forced me to reconsider my stance on Legwarmers:

@GruberGirl reported that she purchased these abroad, but from an H & M, if I recall correctly. As a fellow usability professional, when I asked her why she bought leg warners she said something like "think of it as extending you shoe into a boot." That makes a lot of sense!

I really liked these on my colleague. The stitch and color work keep these from looking too '80s. I may have to knit myself up a pair. But I am curious: what do you think about Legwarmers?

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