Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss (Frustration) Report

Plateau. We all hate that word. Mine has a number: 160.

As one of my friends pointed out, although "160" has been a hard number to crack it is the first genuine plateau I have hit since really getting on this weight loss journey. I have been battling that number for around two months now, gaining and losing the same pound. I switched my workout, which helped initially. I played with my calorie intake. I have done everything short of chopping off a limb. I am working very hard, the hardest I have worked with my workouts and I am not seeing that number drop. I know it's not about the scale ultimately, but it is very demotivating.

Weight: 161.0 lbs (+ 0.8 lbs)

To say I am frustrated is an understatement. What I feat the most is having to work this hard just to maintain. Not that it's not fun, it's just ALL I do right now outside of work.

And yeah, I failed on the "no fried chicken" idea. Also, this is the first week I ate at The Melting Pot and gained. To be fair, that was a seriously decadent meal (more than usual) and I did not follow my rules well. But I thought I was still within my max calories for that day so I am confused.

On the plus side of things I am still loving how my abs are becoming more defined and how my arms are beginning to look.

Next Week - Challenge
I am traveling for work so you will not get a weight loss update next week. But I will check in on how I am doing on the road. Deal?

Maybe it's time for another Shakeology Cleanse? After I return from my business trip I may do this. If any of you want to join me, let me know and we can go through the 3 day cleanse together.