Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Reader ggggg will be happy with me this week. I left for a business trip on February 13th and returned on Feb 17th. I ate with my team, I drank with my team, I snacked with my team. I should tell you that coincidentally, my boss sent on 45 lbs of candy (mostly chocolate) to the meeting - the weight I have lost. It was an interesting visual. When I told her this, she said "Do you have any idea how HEAVY that box was???" Yes, Boss Lady, I do know. I carried it around for too long.

When I returned from my trip, I'll admit I wasn't great at the eating bit (I purchased a package of Cadbury Mini Eggs, which is like kryptonite to me). But I've been doing better.

In terms of exercise, like I said last week I got my cardio in, but not my weight lifting. I missed my workout entirely last Thursday because US Air lost my luggage and my workout DVDs. Thankfully, I got the luggage from a co-worker who was on the plane that the luggage arrived on. It's good to have such good friends!

Anyway, Lest you think I was minding my calories closely while away on my business trip, check out my shame:

Tuesday was the result of a delicious Chinese dinner at Joseph Poon's Restaurant in Chinatown in Philadelphia. It may have been made relatively healthy (he's known for that) but there was SO MUCH food!

Anyway, on to the weigh in...

Weight: 158.8 lbs (-2.2 lbs) YAY!!!!!

This was over a two week period. I did weigh myself before I left for Philadelphia (158.6 lbs). So I consider last week maintaining, with the previous week having a loss. Pretty darn good for gorging at Joseph Poon's and not getting in all my strength training!

Obviously the next week I'm getting back to routine. I'm also hosting that Shakeology Cleanse on Facebook in order to make sure I feel like I am back on track. I do hope you'll join me and Kimi! We look foward to sharing our cleanse experience with you!

I AM IN THE 150s!!!!!!