Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Food Pics - Dinner at Morimoto

I am absolutely in love with Morimoto restaurant. So on my recent trip to Philly I had to drag a couple people along with me. There's a specific dish I am obsessed with: Yosedofu.

Yosedofu is a tofu dish that they prepare at your table. I can't make it at home because it would be a huge pain. But truely, it's delicious - even if you don't like tofu. They serve it with a soy based sauce and a crab sauce. Awesomeness!

This was some sort of whitefish appetizer. Also very good! Quite a bit of a acidic zing to it which I loved.

Fifty dollars of sashimi, including scallops (my new fave sushi) and a few fish I can't get when I eat in Dayton. I ate it all!

Desert - a Miso Honeycake with ice cream. Yum!

Delicious dinner. I highly recommend this restaurant if you're in Philly.

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