Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Swatch: MAC Bombshell - Quite Possibly My Favorite MAC Pink

Amid all of these posts on other blogs that I have been reading regarding Pantone's color choice of the year to be Honeysuckle I decide to hunt for my favorite "pink" lipstick. And by the way, I always thought honeysuckles were primarily white...

MAC Bombshell was probably one of my first NON MLBB shades that I purchased from MAC. It's safe, it has an alluring name, and it goes so well with my skintone. I feel really good when I wear this color. Yeah, some colors are like that.

A nice sexy shade of pink. Yeah, it might not be "honeysuckle" but this might be the closet thing I have right now.

It's a frost, so you'll probably want to wear  a lip balm or MAC Prep + Prime first. Some people find frosts to be drying.

It's a permanent shade so you shouldn't have any trouble getting it.

Bottom Line
It's one of my favs and I wish it got more play from other people.

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that MAC has good permanent colors...