Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: OPI Black Shatter vs. Kelier Black Crackle Polish Over Chanel Kaleidoscope

view: Not too long before I got my hands on OPI Black Shatter I received Kelier Black Crackle Polish from Born Pretty. So I thought why not try both polishes together?

I will admit I had a little bias and thought OPI Black Shatter would probably have better wear than a brand I hadn't heard about before so I put Black Shatter on my Right Hand, the one that gets more use. And what a better backdrop for this test than my beloved Chanel Kaleidoscope. 

Keiler Black Crackle Polish

Color and Crackle Ability
Yes, it's black but it's a very creamy black. It crackles less than the OPI as it dries, but I like the finish on this one better if I'm being honest. It did take longer or this polish to crack to the point where I wanted to put a top coat on it. As you can see, my middle finger hardly cracked at all.

You need to apply this over WET polish. If you don't it won't adhere. It'll fall off like dust. I'm not kidding. The first time I tried this polish it fell right off my dry Zoya Rihanna. Whoopse! You only need one coat!

Despite being on my left hand, this hand started chipping sooner and in larger, more visible chips than my right hand.

$4.52 from Born Pretty.

And now for the competition...

OPI Black Shatter

Color and Crackle Ability
Black, duh. But the finish isn't as creamy as the Kelier, in my opinion. This one practically starts crackling the second you put in on your finger. It also has the tendency to crack vertically as opposed to randomly. Notice the vertical line son my middle finger...

You need to apply this polish on DRY polish. If it's not completely dry it will pull the the wet polish in a direction as it cracks. I used two coats quickly on this one because the first coat looked streaky as hell on my finger tips. It's very thin in consistency as opposed to the Kelier.

When it came time for me to remove this polish (after about 3 days) I had far less chipping on my right hand. As I predicted, it stood up to wear a lot better than it's competitor. It was mostly tip wear. That being said, when it did start to chip off it chipped in big chunks just like the "cheaper" crackle.

This cost me $8.50 at the Ulta down the road from me.

Bottom Line
Unless you have a preference for wet or dry application I'd consider this a toss up, slight edge going to Kelier for being one coat and looking more creamy than OPI Black Shatter in my opinion.

Full Disclosure
The Kelier product was furnished to me by Born Pretty for the purpose of review. I was not paid to provide this review, and have provided my honest opinion of the product. At this time I am unaffiliated with Born Pretty. I purchased the OPI product with my own money out of my own pocket.