Friday, February 18, 2011

Rock the Red Pumps! - National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awarenss Day March 10th

I learned about the Rock the Red Pumps Campaign from R3 Daily.  I am more than happy to also don a pair of Red Pumps on March 10th to show my support. You will see a banner at the top of my blog promoting the campaign as well.

In their own words:
"The Red Pump Project™ raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Our mission is to promote HIV prevention through education, and open dialogue about the issues that surround sexual and reproductive health."
Read more on the Red Pumps Project About Page.

What do you think? Maybe it's time to pull out my "Jessica Rabbit" incredibly uncomfortable Fluevogs again.

Don't forget about the Dayton Push Runway the Right Way show coming up! It's a related charity topic so I thought I should plug it again. And go get your PUSH gloss from Evil Shades already!