Friday, February 11, 2011

When Do You Set Aside Fashion Grudges? Sort of digging this look...

... from Rodarte. 
Image from

I know, I know! The whole MAC/Rodarte thing was months ago. And I'm seriously torn. Can I still "like" looks from designers that I have issues with? Should I continue to have my issue with Rodart even though I've sort of resolved my issue with MAC? If I forgive one do I forgive the other? Yes I know forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting.

This is a bit like old friends who have wronged you. Most of my friends, issues have gone away with the passage of time. There are very few grudges I continue to hold and those actually are ex boyfriend related so those are special cases (NO ARGUMENTS). Maybe enough time hasn't passed yet for me to "get over" my Rodarte thing. And maybe it'll be one of my fashion "special cases". 

I made my donation to Women on the Border, but that doesn't ease my feeling of guilt over admiring something here. Does a new season mean turning a new leaf?