Friday, March 18, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: butter LONDON's All Hail The Queen (or, All Hail McQueen! if you prefer).

For the last two weeks or so I've had my heart set on obtaining butter LONDONs All Hail The Queen! Of course, this was formerly known as All Hail McQueen! (a name I prefer for this polish).  I finally went to Butter London's site to go purchase "All Hail" and wouldn't you know it? It's not there! I tweeted my frustration. The lovely ColourCoated answered my Tweet by telling me it was available off of Alas, it was out of stock...

Coveted Item of the Week: Butter London's All Hail (the Queen) McQueen!

Image from Kelly at Vampy Varnish
Posted With Her Permission.
The lovely Kelly over at Vampy Varnish allowed me to post her picture here so that I could show you exactly what I am coveting. This subtle, beige holo has been something I've wanted ever since it first appeared. But the cost of Butter London polishes always held me back. I don't know why - I've certainly purchased Chanel for more. Maybe it was fear of the unknown. But it has been stuck in my head since last summer when images first started to appear. I was just dumb enough not to purchase it. This always happens to me!

In the meantime, I purchased Victoriana and McBeth from Ulta. I had tried to also purchase Rosie Lee but that too was Out of Stock.

The Price
$14 and the time stalking butter LONDON's site.

Will I Get It?
She who hesitates is lost... unless they manage to restock. Certainly I won't get it with the "McQueen" label since they changed the name. Wonder why they did that...