Friday, March 25, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Club Monaco Tess Dress at ShopBop

Every year my husband goes nuts over sundresses. Granted, he and I have very different opinions as to what qualifies as a sundress. He thinks it means "printed" and rather 50's looking. I define it as something with a flowing skirt that I'd wear "in the sun". Not that I go out in the sun much.

With that preface this week's Covet item may have been influenced a bit by the rainy weather outside. When ShopBop sent out an email highlighting Club Monaco's "Spring Classics" there was a dress pictured that instantly caught my eye. I thought "That!!! I so want that!"

Image from ShopBop
Coveted Item - Club Monaco Tess Dress
One thing I love about this spring's color palette is that it is still rather muted. I might even go so far as to say drab. And the Tess dress in Smog is the perfect dress to exemplify this! This cotton and silk dress is strapless, has a perfect looking knee length skirt, and the bodice is quite a bit sexified with the boning of the corset structure exposed. I could wear it with a cardigan over it to work, or by itself on the weekends. It could easily be dressed up or dressed down, no matter the occasion. Best of all, it would take the place of another dress I gave up for the Push Charity Auction.

$198 from ShopBop.

Will I Get It? 
Highly unlikely. As I was writing up this post the Size 10 disappeared, followed by the Size 8... and then down to  00. So I doubt I'll ever get this dress. I will need to find another dress to fill my spring Sundress need or go on the hunt for this dress at another store. Or I can look at the downside - it probably wouldn't pack well for traveling.

Darn those email blasts! Especially from ShopBop. The site is so huge and the selection so incredible I rarely just browse through the site. And the second they send an email that catches my eye... it's gone. Guess I have to be faster to the punch. But the price was a bit more than I wanted to spend too. Oh well.

If you have any ideas for me to satisfy my need for a "Sundress" please let me know. I'm serious about trying to find a good one!