Saturday, March 12, 2011

#Dayton PUSH Charity Fashion Show/Auction - Pictures and Video!

PUSH's Runway the RightWay Charity Auction and Fashion Show

 Logo From Push's Website
Isn't the logo for the PUSH Runway the RightWay fab? My friend and coworker Teresa drew it.

If you were following me on Twitter last weekend you saw me tweeting quite a bit about the PUSH Charity Auction and Fashion Show. Many of you know I was terrified of walking the runway. Good thing there wasn't an actual runway involved! It ended up being a stroll through Coco's Restaurant. But I'll get to that. Lets take the day in order, shall we?

Getting in Hair and Makeup

First up was hair and makeup at Square One Salon in the Cannery. I was the first to arrive. I was gittery  - I hadn't slept well. Thoughts about screwing up were on my mind so much I was in "frightened animal mode". You know, where your eyes are wide and you flinch at every touch? That was me. The person who greeted me in the back room at Square One (I think his name was Allen) totally recognized that and began messing with me. I'll be honest, his sense of humor helped.

The stylists decided to curl my hair all crazy like. My hair is stick straight and blond - it doesn't hold curl very well at all. So the stylist actually had to curl my hair a couple of times. It need touching up a couple of times. But over all... I'm surprised I have ANY pictures. I was so out of it I mostly went around saying "you're so pretty!" to everyone.

The makeup used was Aveda. I'll be honest - I didn't even know Aveda had a makeup line. However, I made note of the eye shadow trios used on me: Sweet Grass and Plum Mist. I may have to purchase them for myself. We topped off the look with MAC Lickable lipstick, which I had brought with me.

Bad cellphone shot of me in hair and makeup
As everyone else was getting their makeup done, I just hung around in a corner trying not to get in the way. I was very lucky I didn't put my hands down on the plethora of hot hair curlers, straighteners, crimpers, etc. After two hours, we were ready to head to Coco's Bistro.

Lining Up For the Show
Backstage at Coco's meant through the kitchen and up some stairs. There wasn't a lot of room, but we all sort of hung around checking out jewelry options and other accessories waiting for the show to start. We had lunch when the guests did, but if you asked any one of us models - we strongly would have loved a drink ticket. Many of us were nervous!

To get ready for the show they lined us up in the kitchen, then had us walk out individually. Prior to the event itself most of us models really didn't have any idea what was going on but once the show started things really came together. As far as I know, none of us slipped!

I did take a few - mostly of people in my outfits. I also have a few I could find from Facebook. So here you go!
Lisa wearing (formerly mine) Ann Taylor Loft
Owner of The Beaute Box
(This is her pic, used with her permission)

Brandy in (formerly mine) Suzi Chin
Food vs. Face Blog

The Exquisite Jennifer in Versace
LilyPea Designs
The Paper Pod Blog
Brandy in (formerly mine) Anthropologie Dress

Necklace Donated for Auction by Korto Momolu
This is Teresa's Pic - I hope she doesn't mind me using it.

A word about Brandy...
Seriously, could this girl be any hotter in my clothing? Red hair, killer body... had I known her before this event I would have gladly given her my dresses, particularly the anthro dress.  It was killer on her! As it was, I was hoping she would bid on it but alas... she did not.

But she has something I do not... HUGE TRACKS OF LAND and a tiny waist! Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting this picture here. I just couldn't help it. Never underestimate the importance of proper boob placement!

What About Me? 
Well... not many pictures were taken of me, to be honest. But here I am in Calvin Klein...

My Ass... why did he take pictures of that?

My friend Terry who took the pictures said that the lighting was just really bad so the pictures of me didn't turn out. That's a shame. But I'll live with it. Maybe there will be another opportunity in the future.

My videographer didn't get the first set due to technical difficulties, but I am posting what I can of the show. If you watch the second set closely you'll see me in a business outfit, which I had to pin together to stay on because it was large.


All in all, it was an experience I would gladly repeat. Afterward, I was so tired I crashed on my couch for 4 hours. My nerves were totally fried but I really felt like I as having fun and doing something good, even I did donate half my closet.

Special Thanks From Me
I would like to thank the following businesses who rallied and donated when I contacted them:
  • Enzo Skin - Donated a bunch of products for a basket auction.
  • Evil Shades - Her PUSH gloss is just gorgeous
  • Ginger + Liz - They donated 4 polishes that included one of my favs: Reality Check
  • Korto Momolu - Project Runway alum who generously donated a GORGEOUS necklace.
  • Lierac Skincare - Donated a basket of products through their PR company. 
  • Send the Trend -  Awesomely donated several accessories that were worn on the runway and auctioned off. 
They put up with constant hounding my myself and some of the PUSH employees to pull together some awesome baskets for auction and giveaways. I can't believe how generous people can be when you ask nicely! I love you all!

In the end I think the event raised around #3k, though I still don't know the number. But let me just say it again... DAYTON PEOPLE ARE CHEAP!!! It's for a good cause! Remember that next time!