Monday, March 21, 2011

Everyday - Potentially an interesting tool for Face of the Day bloggers!

Image from TechCrunch
I saw this article on Tech Crunch today discussing an iPhone app called Everyday, available in the iTunes Store for $1.99. The idea behind this app is to take a picture of yourself every single day, align them, and see the evolution of your face eventually.

Apparently the idea of it comes out of a YouTube video that some guy did taking a picture of himself every day for six years. For the average person this sounds sort of silly and crazy. I bet there are even a few of you going "why would someone ever want to do that???"

Think about it a minute - many beauty bloggers or people on various sites like Spectra and MUA do this EVERYDAY already! If I'm in a makeup mood I tend to take face pics at least 3 days a week. So what would that look like if we bloggers used an app like this? Would it be cool not only to see your face as it evolves over the years but also your makeup looks? Why not?

Have any of you tried Everyday? I'm very tempted to do so. Perhaps it would make an interesting Face of the Day video eventually.