Friday, March 11, 2011

Giveaway! GingerKitty Designs Presents Styrch's Bubble Bobbies!

If you're only looking at this for the Giveaway, it's at the bottom.

Back in 2009 I took a trip to Japan. One of my purchases while I was in Japan was this bobby pin with a big bubble on the end of it with cool little colorful shapes captured in enamel. In 2010, I hosted a giveaway for GingerKitty Designs, highlighting Tracey's new marbleizing technique. While we were discussing the giveaway, I brought up the idea of "Bobby Pins" with Tracey, saying that I thought they would be a truly useful and awesome way to showcase her work. I also thought they would be super popular. I for one am ALWAYS looking for new things to put in my hair because I can never figure out what to do with it.

Tracey is a miracle worker. She did it! Her store now offers bobby pins! Better yet, she gave me the opportunity to name them as the idea originated with our conversations. We're calling them "Styrch's Bubble Bobbies".

My Beloved Zoya Anastasia
Anastasia in my hair
Gosh Holographic with Shatter (small size)
 Here are the Details:
  • Each pair costs $14 and can be purchased through Etsy.
  • There are two sizes to choose from: Small, and Large (both are cute).
  • Tracey can create single colors, or she can use Crackle polish over them. However marblizing technique is not available due to size.  
  • If Tracey doesn't have the color you want, she may be able to arrange sampling (she offered for me). 
I am very excited about these! Be careful with them however. While these pins are made with super strong adhesive and are very sturdy, I managed to break one my first day.  My hair got tangled in my headset at work, there was a Mardi Gras mask involved...  and I accidentally popped off an Anastasia bubble while wrenching at the bobbies trying to remove them in order to take off the mask and headset. I was being VERY hard on them, so I don't expect damage like that to happen with normal wear. I just had bad judgment and bad luck. So please do not hold my experience against the product - I am just giving you a fair warning that these bobbies are not invincible.

You Can Purchase Styrch's Bubble Bobbies from GingerKitty Designs on Etsy.
Tracey is also on Twitter, and has a Blog of her own.

You know I had to do a giveaway with a pair of these... and they are beauties! OPI Absolutely Alice under Black Shatter size large!

How To Enter
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  • Include a way to contact you, such as twitter or your email address (name at domain .com)
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In your comment, if you intend to take advantage of extra entry options let me know so I can follow up and verify.

The Giveaway will end at Noon EST on Thursday, March 17th.

Good luck!

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