Saturday, March 26, 2011

Korto Momolu Fall 2011 - "Just Gotta Be Patient And Keep Knocking Down Obstacles"

When I saw the pictures of Korto Momolu's Fall 2011 collection on a couple weeks back I desperately wanted to write about. But I had no pictures of my own.  A little voice in the back of my mind said "Just email Korto... you never know. She may send you some pics so you can talk about the line on your own blog. After all, she's awesome and very generous (as evidence would show by her donation to PUSH). Just send the note already!" I'm so glad I listened to that nagging little voice because not only did Korto send me some pics she had taken of the line but she also told me about the line.

About the Fall 2011 Collection

Korto was kind enough to share with me what inspired her for this collection..

" was inspired by my happy memories from Liberia. I am going back there this year in may for the first time in 23 years and I wanted to channel happy thoughts. We had a beach property that we visited on weekends and each time we would have to cut down the bushes, trees etc to get there and at some point we could see through the trees as they were being cut down a glimpse of the sand and water. So the colors and textures were big influences for fabrics and silhouettes and just the idea that to get to paradise sometimes you have to go through stuff! and that's how my life has been ... I know it's there because I see it , just gotta be patient and keep knocking down the obstacles."
I love it when I get a chance to hear from a designer what was going through their head when they were cooking up suck lovely frocks! And, knowing the background, one can really look at Korto's collection and see what she is taking about. The prints are fantastic - and knowing the tid bit of info about seeing the ocean and water through the trees you can actually see that come out in the design. The collection is filled billow skirts, and although the fabric color choices are dark I think there's a sense of comfort and the "paradise" Korto mentioned.  Have a look!

You can't tell me us ladies don't enjoy a full length gown with an awesome shape! The dress above is quite dramatic but still has the feel of breezes. I just want to slip it on and twirl a few times, laugh and go find some chunky jewelry to dress it up! Can't you just picture it with some of Korto's colorful jewelry? I absolutely can! This is easily one of my favorites and I didn't see it on Bellanaija's pictures.

When Korto sent me pictures I was excited to see that the set of images contained one of her sequin dresses. When I saw the sequin dresses on Bellanaija I was instantly drawn to the texture of the larger sequin, the deep gray color (I don't know if it's true black and a trick of the light on the runway but it's gorgeous without a doubt). The dress pictured above wasn't my favorite of the sequined dresses, but it is still stunning! I'm not sure if this one walked the runway or not, honestly.

Ok, I love this skirt! I hope that it is affordable because I could see myself picking it up. I also love the top it is paired with in this image (different from the runway pics, which put it with a black top). It certainly shows how versatile this skirt can be. I'm excited about the short length and the volume in this skirt, as well as the print. Can't you just see the sand and water through the overgrown brush in there? I can!
I also have the back for this one...

I'll be honest here - this wasn't one of my favorites. It's too heavy  for my taste. I think it's the sleeves and the long skirt. I imagine you'd have to be a very strong woman to pull this off! On the runway pics, it looks like there is a v-neck that can be opened to reveal a little more skin. I'll admit that it looks much better on a real body with a little style than it does here.

Here's a dress with that same print as the skirt. I like the asymmetry going on here. I wish I could have seen it walk live because I imagine the skirt having some awesome movement. But lets also talk about the bodice. It has a little "Jessica Rabbit" going on, doesn't it? You know who I'd love to see in this? Brandy from Food Vs. Face who looks good in everything I like!
Another piece I get a Victorian vibe from. This time, there's a daring neckline! I think the fabric on this resembles more of sweater, which is pretty cool. Check it out on Bellanaija and let me know what you think because I'm undecided on this. But I do know that personally I can't walk around without a bra and when I look at this dress that's all I think about. What type of bra would you wear with that?
Again, WOW with the print! I love everything about this except possibly the little bit of extra fabric on the left side under the arm. I'm not sure what that looks like exactly and I can't tell from the the images on Bellanaija either.  But this could be a potential WIN dress too. What do you think?

See all the images from Korto Momolu's Fall 2011 presentation at You really do need to check it out. I do not have images of my favorite pieces so click on the link and have a look at the gorgeousness I didn't get to show you!

I'm really digging the prints and the pairing with dark fabric as well as the chunky sequins. I'm not too wild about the long arms with the long dress, but I'm also not the body type that can pull that much fabric off without something to break it up. I hope the skirt I showed you above is affordable - that's one I'm going to have my eye on when this collection becomes available.

Also, don't forget to check out Korto Momolu's Site and follow her on Twitter. She doesn't tweet much, but she will answer tweets occasionally. One time she called me "boo" over Twitter... I was so tickled! Love her!

Note: A big thank you to Korto Momolu who allowed me the use of her photographs.