Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

This past week was one of the worst weeks I have had while on this weight loss journey. First, I was doing the Shakeology cleanse. Add some issues at work to that. Then add the Push Runway the RightWay anxiety to it and you have a recipe for Styrch Disaster.

I skipped three workouts last week. I missed Wednesday because of a work issue. Then I missed Friday because I felt awful (don't eat spicy Thai food two days after a cleanse). Saturday I was busy with the Runway after which I fell asleep on the couch for four hours. I was so exhausted I just couldn't do more at that time.

Did I mention I ate a raspberry Paczki yesterday? Yeah, I know going into this I probably gained back all the weight I dropped during the cleanse.

Weight: 158.0 lbs (+ 2.4 from Shakeology Cleanse, -2.8 from pre- Cleanse)

Obviously I just have to get back in it. This may sound funny but I need to make sure I get all my sleep. I don't feel I have slept well at all in the last couple of weeks. That is most definitely affecting my workouts.

Oh! My challenge for the next 40 days...

Keep an eye on the slider on the right. I intend to do 400 triceps push-ups in 40 days. I decided I will NOT count ones on my toes. This needs to be really hard. Why tricep push-ups? Not only will I be working on my arms but in Plank I will be training my core. Ticker Tracker is failing me in creating a good ticker graphic. So until I am able to get that to work or find an alternative, I will be updating this daily by hand.

Wish me luck!!!