Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Confusion - Judith Leiber Clutches on Rue-la-la = WTF?

Seriously, someone purchased this!

Image from Rue-La-La

I saw this on Rue-la-la today and I'm not sure which shocked me more: The design itself or the "Sold Out" indicator on it. Now, I understand cute bejeweled clutch designs may continue to be all the rage but if you I had just over $2000 to spare I don't think I'd be spending it on this.Then again, there was also this...

Image from Rue-La-La

Yeah, that's sold out too. I think I'll go try to pick my jaw up off the floor now...

If you want to spend time looking at other jaw dropping items with me, you can use my Invite Link to join Rue-la-la. As you know I think it's well worth it and find some amazing deals on there, though not today.