Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have - MAC Angel Blush

I absolutely adore the Pink Sith blog. Elvira and JoeyBunny totally rock my world. Last year they brought you the GENIUS series "Taupes You Can't Have". It was by far one of the most memorable things I remember reading in my very long list of blogs I follow. So this year, when the dynamic duo began their "Blushes You Can't Have" series I asked if I could get in on it.

I would gladly have contributed my posts to their blog, making it their content, but since we write differently we agreed that I should post on my blog, linking back to theirs. Sister posts, as it were. So from now on, I'm going to be attempting to post a "Blush You Can't Have" on the 15th of each month, while theirs happens on the 1st. Look at our collective team work and marvel!

On with this month's contribution:  

MAC Angel Blush

My relationship with MAC Angel started right when it was being discontinued from the MAC line. I had been told not only by one of my favorite local MAC artists but also from some people on MUA that it was a great subtle blush for those with fairer skin tones (like my pale NC15). When I finally made my way down to Cincinnati to obtain the blush, I asked the MAC store rep for a pan of Angel and they looked at me with these wide eyes, like "seriously?" They grabbed me one of the last two pans the store had. For the next year, when I set foot into that store I was known as "the Angel Girl".

To be fair, no pun intended, MAC Angel is a very light blush. When you look at it in the pan, it's hard to imagine how it would look pretty on the face at all. The consistency of it is matte, which I think is very underestimated. On the fair skin, this blush is total magic! It gives you the best fresh looking blush I have ever seen. It pairs well with contour colors as a light pink topper. It's perfect for using with bold eye and light lips. If ever I'm feeling my skin is looking dead in terms of color, then I turn to Angel and just lightly dust it on my checks. 

MAC Angel on Studio Fix Fluid NC15
 I had a very hard time photographing this blush because with the flash against my skin it either washed the color completely out or it was dim. It is very light. So I cotton swatched it as well:

Now, it'll never look like that on anyone's skin, but it should give you an idea just how pretty this pink really is!

I guard this pink very closely - I am terrified of losing it. It really was sort of a "gateway" blush for me in that I realized not all blushes are evil, that I don't always look like a clown when wearing blush, and that the lightest blush can really make a difference in how luminous the skin can look. MAC Angel, I wish MAC hadn't discontinued you! You were truly a god-send!

Blushes You Can't Have On Pink Sith
Blushes You Can't Have is a series originated on the Pink Sith Blog. Pretty in Dayton participates with the expressed permission of the Pink Sith Blog