Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Reviews in One Post - Getting Shellac at The Beaute Box!

The Beaute Box is a little business located in the Cannery Lofts in downtown Dayton. My good friend Teresa treated me to a Shellac manicure at The Beauty Box before for my PUSH Runway the Rightway catwalk debut. Let me tell you this... My Shellacing held several (very pleasant) surprises.

My girl April!!!
Surprise #1: April!!!
The Beaute Box had been holding a March Madness sale where you got two Shellac Manis (one for you and one for a friend) for $20 if you booked for March before the end of February. The stipulation being that one person got their mani with Lisa, the other with April. I sat down with April, looked her right in the eye and said "you look so familiar..."

"Have you ever been to Hausfelds?" April asked.

Silence from me. Then...


Seriously you all, April was the BEST manicurist at Hausfelds that I have ever had. When she left Hausfelds, I was devastated. I called one day and they were like "oh yeah, April is gone" and I went a very long time without getting a professional manicure there. Seriously, this girl is quiet and sometimes I didn't know if she was enjoying what she was doing... but she was so damn good at it that I loved her work to pieces! And now I've found her again!

CND Shellac in Rock Royalty
I should also mention that Lisa also worked at Hausefelds. When Hausefelds decided to change their business around Lisa started her own business with April. Their combined experience in this industry is amazing. You can't get a better team, even at the high end spa I usually go to. In fact, they used to be the nail tech educators over at Hausfelds. I've found my local gurus!

Best yet, you can book appointments with them through FACEBOOK of all things. Awesome!

Surprise #2: The Shellac Process Itself
I knew from reading other posts that Shellac required the use of a special light to harden the polish. What I didn't know was how speedy the process is itself. Between each coat of product applied to your nails your hand goes inside this little box and the light goes on... for only about 10 seconds. Seriously, it's quick! I have had regular manicures take so much longer than this one. If you've ever thought about Shellac and not gotten it due to time, put that worry aside. This is no time at all.

Surprise #3: Shellac Lives Up to the Hype
 You know that "good wear" for me means that the polish doesn't chip in the first 24 hours. Well, with Shellac, I didn't get my first chip until about the 6th day, and even then it was tiny. I ended up removing my polish on the 8th day because I was so bored of the color that I wanted to just take it off and put something else on.

Check it out!!!

Shellac 7 Days Later - AWESOME

Surprise #4: Removal is EASY!!!
Do you have a bottle of Acetone? Good. You're set. Just soak for a while and then use paper towels to wipe off.

Surprise #5: The Beaute Box is a MOBILE Service
When I was talking to Lisa and April post Shellac mani, they told me their business is centered around being mobile. They can come to you! So if you can't make it to downtown Dayton or you just don't have time to go to them, they can come to you.

CND Shellac in Mascarade
So who is Shellac For?
  • People who need to have perfect looking polish - yes I'm thinking of all those business trips I have taken and how much I wish I had just gotten Shellac before the trip.
  • People who need long wearing polish - Any other long wearing polish has got nothing on this. Your nails will grow out before you need to remove it.
Bottom Line - Shellac
The cost is comparable to a regular manicure at a high end spa (around $35), and it'll wear far better. I only wish that CND would make their Effects polishes Shellac compatible, or that there were more shades.

Bottom Line - The Beaute Box
If you're local, the prices are competitive in comparison to places like Hausefelds Salon and Spa, if not a little cheaper. They offer a wide variety of nail services, including Shellac and Minx. These ladies know what they are doing. What are you waiting for? Tell them I sent you.

Get in touch with The Beaute Box on their Facebook Page