Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya's Summer Collections - Press Releases Pics Discussion

By now I know you've seen this a million times. But I promised I would release the press information... so I'm going half way here. I'll put up the pics, then I want to talk about each collection. Ok? Besides, I think it's dull just to read regurgitated press releases on every single blog.

Zoya Summertime & Sunshine

Summertime consists of Sooki, Tamsen, Areej, Keiko, Mira, and Breezy.  Creams I can get excited about! I do question, however, the occurrence of Sooki and Tamsen which seem to look very close as reds. Zoya's been doing that lately in their collections and it drives me a bit crazy. I think they have an obsession with getting "the perfect red" for everyone, but in terms of collections I see it as a wasted spot where they could have put a completely different color (like an orange or a yellow). I definitely want the purples at lease. However the True Blood fan in me is excited at seeing a "Sooki".

Sunshine consists of  Reva, Kimmy, Tanzy, Apple, Rica, and Faye. Glitters I think. I can't tell if they are glitters or foils actually, but I think this set might give the Flame collection a run for it's money. I'm looking at Faye as being my star of the collection, but we'll see.Someone commented to me last wee that they thought Rica might be my Princess Leia polish. I don't think it will be, but I am curious. Honestly, Reva's looking pretty hot. And Apple, even if there's only one girl I can think of on the planet named Apple (Gweneth, what were you thinking???).

Zoya Mod Mattes

A limited edition collection consisting of three colors: Pheobe, Lolly and Mitzi. When discussing this collection with a co-worker she asked me "Isn't the matte finish last year?" and I had to give a nod to that criticism. However, these seem like very fresh colors and I can get excited about that. I just hope the wear is more like Zoya's Velvets than the Mattes from previous releases because the Mattes (Posh for example) were just super chippy. It makes me wonder if I would get better results just using a matte top coat on a regular polish. I haven't tried it yet. Based on my dislike of the matte formula in the past, I would probably pass on these until I read a few other reviews on the blogs.

Incidentally, Temptalia has swatches...
And no doubt you know that until March 25th, Zoya is having a Bogo promo for account holders. Just log in, go to My Account, and check your promotions (the link on the left) and see your code.

What's your opinion?

Will you be taking a chance on the Mod Mattes? What colors are you getting from the Summer and Sunshine collections if any? I'm curious to hear.