Monday, April 18, 2011

Battle of the Jeans: Passing on the Jeans...

Remember my Battle of the Jeans? Well I have a friend who is going to be taking over the task of wearing my Old Navy "Flirts" and my Gap Curvy's in the hope of finding out which one lasts longer. At the time of last update, here were the stats...

Jean Times Worn Times Washed
The Gap "Curvy" 45 16
Old Navy "Flirt" 44 17

There was no clear winner yet, so we're still hoping to see which pair dies first. I am removing the Battle of the Jeans from my Sidebar, but I will update you if and when my tester gets results!

If she's lucky, she'll shrink out of them just as I did and we'll have to find someone else to take over again. :)