Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check Out "Adventures in Scent", Penhaligon's Blog - They just had a wicked-cool event. :)

I was alerted that Penhaligon's was hosting an event for bloggers...  but it was in LONDON! Arg! I so wish I could have attended, or at the very least that I could participate via Skype.

Check out the event on Adventures in Scent.
Then drool with envy like I did.

Remember "Smell-o-vision"? That would have been a lovely addition to attending this type of event virtually. See, wacky ideas can be useful after all.

Incidentally, I received a phone call from Penhaligon's at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC - they will be having Friends & Family event at the end of the month and can take orders. I believe the number is: 212 -940-4322.

Visit Penhaligon's Website. I strongly recommend the Artemisia scent.