Friday, April 15, 2011

Covet Fullfilled - Shaby Apple "Da Vinci" Dress

Two weeks ago, my Coveted Items of the Week were from the Shabby Apple Roamin' Holiday Collection. After spending several days trying to decide between the Trevi Fountain Dress and the Da Vinci Dress I settled on the Da Vinci:

Shabby Apple - Da Vinci Dress

I wore this almost immediately. I paired it with my Pour La Victoire boots. I didn't accessorize it up, because I'm sort of getting used to this style. It's definitely a casual purchase. It made me realize that in terms of dresses I don't really own other "casual" dresses. At least not as casual as this one. It's like a sweatsuit alternative!

Overall I think this was very well made. It exceeded my expectations for a dress that only cost me around $50 (I had $10 off coupon for signing up for their email list). I see no uneven stitches, no funky threads. Yay!

Shipping on this item was super fast. I ordered on April 1 and received it on April 8th.

Shabby Apple - Da Vinci Dress
Fit and Style
This dress fits according to the "Fits Generously" guide. I ordered a Medium. I'd say it fits, but the torso is a little long, and the length is a little long simply because I'm short. That being said, it looks decent if I hike it up around my waist a bit. I might decide to hem it up a couple of inches.  (See right). Style-wise, I'm not sure how well I could dress this dress up (because of the pouch pocket and the slouchiness), but it's certainly great casual wear.

I could pretty much sleep in this. It's more comfortable than my pajamas. It could be the perfect dress for a long plane ride, or just hanging around.

Overall Opinion 
Shabby Apple Da Vinci Dress is a keeper! And given the fabric, this will travel very well!