Friday, April 8, 2011

Coveted Item of The Week - The @DKNY Cozy (Thanks to @StyleIT)

This is how you know I live in the middle of nowhere. I had never heard of the DKNY Cozy. Sarah from StyleIt posted her outfit using the Cozy, which prompted me to get a little obsessed. Worse, the lovely @DKNY PR Girl informed me that yes: There is an App for That!

Coveted Item Of The Week: The DKNY Cozy

Normally I would use better pictures than this but it was just so easy to grab screenshots from the DKNY Cozy app on my phone I couldn't help myself!

The Cozy is said to be an extremely versatile design. Basically, it's the opposite of a mullet haircut: Long in the front, short in the back. Although that's not entirey true because you can also put your arms in it straight jacket style and reverse the look for something completely different.

A quick Google search will tell you that the Cozy was introduced in 2003. It picked up a following for travelers who want a versatile  item of clothing that's comfortable, packs well, or even looks great on a plane. There are 12 ways to style the Cozy in the DKNY app, but I'd be willing to bet that if someone worked with it a lot they could find even more ways. But whatever way you slice it, there's a style for every occasion.

I love that DKNY offers a variety of hues for the Cozy. It's almost enough to make one want to become a collector. But the price tag might prohibit many of us.

DKNY offers several different cozy's...
  • The Original Cozy - sleeves that can be pushed up to be 3/4s. It's 85% silk, and 15% cashmere.
  • The Long Sleeved Cozy - This has ribbed trim and is made out of linen.
  • The Marled Linen Cozy - In case you want a different type of pattern. It's also 100% Linen.
  • The Cozy Tee with Silk Front - Apparently this is the best selling style. It's 100% cotton and 1000% silk (if you're just talking about the front). It's also cheaper.
  • The Short Sleeved Cozy Tee - The cheapest version, and 100% cotton. 
  • The Cozy Scarf Version - I honestly don't know what's going on here It's 92% Silk and 8% Elastaine. The front looks like a scarf, the back looks like a sweater.
  • The Cozy Blouse - Basically a really short version. It's on sale. 93% Silk, 7% Elastaine.
  • Cozy Buckle - Yes, DKNY even sells buckles to work your cozy into whatever position you want.
Now, when discussing the Cozy with my good friend Kara, she informed me that Victoria's Secret "Moda" brand also has a "Cozy" and that she herself purchased one. At around $40, the Victoria's Secret version is quite a steal. I not know how they compare. Kara says she wears hers around the house and can not see herself wearing it to work. Seeing much of the casual clothing Kara does wear to work, it really makes me wonder about the quality of the Victoria's Secret version.

Price Range
Depending on style, the Cozy ranges from $118 to $195. No doubt this has a lot to do with materials, cult status, and of course the brand name. If you go for the Victoria's Secret version you can get different colors and even purchase about 4 or 5 for the same price as one DKNY.

Will I Get One?
Possibly. I think whether or not I purchase a DKNY Cozy depends largely upon finances. A Victoria's Secret knockoff, that's easier to justify. I would love to hear from someone who has had experience with both. But a Cozy of some sort is in my future.

I mean, come on... you can even wear it as a scarf!

All images are from the DKNY Cozy App. Check it out for styling instructions!