Friday, April 29, 2011

Coveted Item of the Week: Richard MacDonald Nightfall (Sculpture and Lithographs)

If I had a million dollars...

I don't know that I've featured "fine art" on here before but after my trip to Vegas I just had to share the wonderful artwork of Richard MacDonald with you.

Lady of the Star Night Lithograph
Coveted Items of the Week: The Nightfall Series by Richard MacDonald

I feel a little bit foolish posting these items in my covet series. But I WANT!!! Nightfall, Third Life is too much for me to be able to afford but one can dream right? And what else are my covet posts for, if not for dreaming?

Staying at the Bellagio, I had a lot of time to wander the many galleries that were available for the public to browse. I went into both of Richard MacDonald's galleries (in the "O" theatre as well as in the Via Fiore shops) on several locations just drooling over the works of art, based on Cirque Du Soileil performers.

Nightfall Sculpture
The Lady of Star Night Lithograph captured my imagination, and thus the night fall series captured my heart. There are four stages of this work: Lady of Star Night, Nightfall, and Nightfall, Half Life, and Nightfall Third Life. I believe the "Half Life" and "Third Life" refers to the size of the work. In the original sketch, Lady of Star Night, the woman is completely enshrouded. Clearly, taking that concept to a statue would be difficult. Thus, in each of the statue versions of this concept, the lady gradually becomes unwrapped (more exposed) as they take her down in size.

The first piece that caught me was the original sketch Lady of the Star Night. In that image the lady is absolutely enshrouded in darkness so that you can only see her face. This was translated into a work called "Nightfall" where the woman is still enshrouded, but not as much. The next iteration, Half Life the woman is slightly more exposed. The last iteration is Third Life, totally gorgeous statue, where the woman is nearly uncovered).

Third Life, Image from Richard MacDonald Sculpture
Nightfall's story is one that is quite beautiful. She not only represents the moon, but also represents stepping from the past into the future (represented by the spheres). Personally, I like to think of the iterations of the statues as also following the monthly lunar cycle, becoming more exposed as the month goes on. I also like to think that the woman is in the present, with the past behind her and looking toward the future.

The curator we spoke with did a wonderful job of explaining to my husband and I the value of "fine art" vs. "decoration art" which really got us thinking about what we hang on our walls and see on a daily basis. 

Looking around the gallery, we saw many statues for around at a more affordable price that were gorgeous... so we left thinking Third Life was the same. We were incorrect. The Atelier collection size (which might be 1/5th life or 1/8th life), is much smaller than that of Third Life (obviously) and yes, size translates to money. Sad for us.

I absolutely must thank the curator for taking the time to speak with my husband and myself. She really did encourage us to learn more, ask questions, and to not get discouraged about prices when you're talking about Fine Art. 

Will I Get It?
The curator encouraged me to purchase Lady of Start Night lithograph, but my husband and I have a hard time stomaching the cost of something that is not even the original. I might settle for purchasing my own print... or I may try to take up the challenge of oil painting my own Nightfall based on the Third Life statue.

Check out this YouTube video of Richard MacDonald explaining his work. I would like to share that with you here:

Learn more about the Art of Richard MacDonald at his website.

Images were provided by the curator, and from Richard MacDonald Sculpture.

Edited to remove pieces at the request of the company.