Friday, April 15, 2011

Coveted Items of the Week: Outdoor Furniture and a Cold Drink

I've been living in my house for six years now. We have a gorgeous deck out back, with a view of the woods. This time of year in particular it is quite nice... to look out my windows. You see, we have no outdoor furniture. My husband and I can't sit outside and eat dinner together. I can't sit outside and read my book. I certainly can't enjoy a Corona or a glass of Prosecco on the back deck on Fridays after work. Which brings me to my...

Martha Stewart Cumberland Six Piece Seating Set
From Home Decorators Collection
Coveted Items of the Week - The Martha Stewart Living Cumberland Six Piece Seating Set

I don't really need THIS deck furniture in particular, but it's what I've been looking at all week long. I want to create an outdoor "room" that's comfortable for lounging and chatting with friends, yet has a space on which we can eat. We have the space - why not get enough furniture to fill it? 

I can hear you now... "But that's not something to really eat dinner off of..." I don't really want a high dining table - because I suspect we'll be having cocktails on this furniture more often than actual meals. I also want wood rather than plastic simply for looks.

This piece sells for $799 which is pricey for outdoor furniture you have to put together yourself I think. But as all furniture in our house, my husband and I have more or less ignored price if we can actually agree on what to purchase. In the end, this may be something that I myself purchase, because we have not yet been able to come to agreement.

Will I Get It?
I am determined to get something this year. Maybe not this set, as I said before. We've ordered pieces from Home Decorators Collection before with great success (we adore the Hamilton Bookcases we have). In terms of reputation, I'm not totally worried. How much time I actually spend on it depends on something else entirely: Allergies. The Dayton environment is totally toxic to my body and is actively trying to kill me. Maybe cheaper will be better because I won't use it as much?

If you have suggestions for other out door sets, please let me know.

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