Friday, April 1, 2011

Coveted Items of the Week: Shabby Apple 'Roamin Holiday' Dresses

I am going to blame this week's covet post on Reader Amber who suggested I look at Shabby Apple for sundresses last week. Oh boy... since then I've been on the site constantly, looking at reviews, talking with Kate of Shabby Apple. The works. It's full blown "Covet" going on here!

Coveted Items of the Week: Shabby Apple Dresses

Seriously, I can't make up my mind! I started browsing this site and I'm in love with several designs so I thought I would just talk about them here.

Roamin Holiday Collection - (Ues, I think the spelling is intentional)

Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Rome. I have had reoccurring dreams about trying to get to the Roman Forum ever since I visited the city in 2000. While I've made progress in getting there in my dreams, in reality that hasn't been the case. But a sure way to get me interested is to name something after Rome in one way or another and I go "Oh! I must look!"

The Da Vinci Dress

Da Vinci Dress - $56
This dress looks super comfortable to me. I love the idea of this dress as well as the price,  but I am nervous about the pouch. My stomach is a trouble spot and this could accentuate it. But I love it anyway.

Anyway, the Da Vinci dress appeals to me because of the casualness of it. I don't currently have a lot of dresses that I can just toss on and go no matter what. The description also states that it's a good dress for traveling, which makes it a huge plus for me. If I can dress it up with accessories and wear it as a funky business outfit I'm down with that!

Trevi Fountain Dress - $78
Trevi Fountain Dress

Have you ever seen the Trevi Fountain in person? It's spectacular. It's not my favorite thing in Rome (that is the Pantheon) but it's close.

I absolutely adore the color of this dress, and I love the a-line skirt. I've been going so "body hugging" with most of my dresses as I shrink (which can be a problem) that I think this could give me a break. I worry about my arms in this, but you know I've been working hard on my arms.

By the way, when I posted my liking of this dress on Facebook my personal wall exploded with comments about how sexy it is. I couldn't agree more. 

Tiber Dress - $88

This has my name written all over it. However I have several problems with it. The fabric could be too see-through. I worry about that with white. Also, with my body type, I never know where it will hit on me. But this is just so cool and I love the way the dress transitions from white to blue. Love!

Will I Get One?
Absolutely! But maybe only one to start. I want to assess the quality of Shabby Apple before I go nuts buying a ton of dresses and make my husband super angry with me. Seriously, I never thought he would get angry at me buying dresses, but I've been getting so many of them he just mad even if it's my own money.

Covet Update - The Club Monaco Tess Dress from Last Week
Last week I posted about my instant spontaneous covet of the Club Monaco Tess Dress. I would like to let you know that after my post went out, Club Monaco tweeted me about their "Personal Shopper" option they have on their line. Emily of Club Monaco will find your items in your requested size and send them directly to you if you can not go to a Club Monaco store. In any case, with customer service like that I had to splurge in a big way. The Tess Dress will be delivered to my house today.

All images are from Shabby Apple with their permission.