Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally! I Have A Use For MAC Paradisco, and it's called New Fixation!

I've had MAC New Fixation pigment sitting untried on top of my stash drawers (not even filed away, just so I'd remember to use it) for months now, afraid to touch it. But I finally got it out. And the funniest thing happened - I also used it with one of my least favorite shades (Paradisco) and decided I really liked the combo:

Face of the Day - April 12, 2011

Face of the Day - April 12, 2011

How weird is this? In some angles, my face is starting to look heart-shaped:

Face of the Day - April 12, 2011

Face of the Day - April 12, 2011
  • MAC Pigment in New Fixation - All over lid.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Paradisco - In crease.
  • Meow Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Virgin - Along browbone
  • MAC Penultimate Liner in Black - upper eyelid.
  • MAC Power Kohl Liner in Feline - waterline
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

  • Meow Cosmetics Pampurred Puss Foundation in Frisky Sphynx
  • MAC Blush in Springsheen - Haven't pulled this out in forever. 

Face of the Day - April 12, 2011
  • MAC Shine in Long Stemmed Rose - My favorite Slimshine. I wish that it was still around.
  • AVON Perfect Wear Gloss in Constant Coral

Brands used:
MAC Cosmetics, Meow Cosmetics, Avon

All products used in this look were purchased by me with the exception of the Avon gloss, which was given to me by a fellow blogger (Jenny from Mommin it Up).