Monday, April 18, 2011

Just for You! 10% off Althea Haper and15% off Sittella for Pretty in Dayton Readers

A couple of weeks ago when Althea Harper came over to have some chocolate goodness with some of my friends and I we discussed the possibility of offering code on her website for you, my dear and lovely readers! Guess what! She came through! Not only do I have discount codes for Sittella (her casual line) but also for ALTHEA HARPER (Fall 2010, Spring 2011) her main line.

Althea Harper 10% off code: ALTHEA
Sittella 15% off code: BLOGREADER

***These codes will be available through the end of July!***

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these codes as Althea's clothing is not only fashion forward and affordable, but also very comfortable.

Purchase on

Some of Styrch's Favorite Althea Harper and Sittella pieces!

You have seen many of them before.

Sittella Scarves  - $35
Sittella Scarves
These come in a variety of colors. They are extra long so you can do a ton of things with them. Many of you have complimented me on mine either on my blog or in person. I'm rarely without it. Best of all, it is the most comfortable scarf you will EVER own.

Sittella Boardwalk Dress - $125
Sittella Boardwalk Dress
I'm planning on picking this up myself for the summer. I had a dream a while ago that I was wearing it, sitting out in the rain, and I knew I had to own it. So this is now my chance, as well as yours.

Sittella Mar Vista Dress - $125

Sittella Mar Vista Dress
I have a little fascination with this dress as well. Probably it's the dye job. One thing is for certain - it will be very comfortable.

Now for the Althea Harper Line....
I'll skip talking about Lorenzom the dress that started my weight loss jourey.  You all know and have seen that dress on me. So lets have a look at my other favorites!

Althea Harper Mechanic Dress - $275
Althea Harper Mechanic Dress
This is from Fall 2010 but I'm not done fantasizing about wearing it yet. With the interesting shapes and cut, it could be really flattering under a blazer, cardi or by itself. Love!

Althea Harper Millar Jacket - $275

Althea Harper Millar Jacket
From Spring 2011  you might consider this as a wardrobe builder. I think it is ultra flattering. I'm holding out or the fall blazer once it's posted, but this one is tempting as well.

Althea Harper Monaco Metallic Dress - $275

Althea Harper Monaco Metallic Dress
Believe it or not, the fabric is jersey! This slinky number is ultra sexy and a perfect piece for an event or just to make an awesome entrance. If you feel the dress is too much metallic, try the Grace Skirt in Metallic. It also comes in a soft gray

And my favorite...
The Jess Skirt  - $190

The Jess Skirt
I just got MY own Jess skirt and let me tell you - it's FANTASTIC. Althea has a way with lines. I thought perhaps this would make me look "hippy" but it's very slimming and fits comfortably. I purchased a 10, if you're looking for comparisons for this. Also there's a back seam zipper that's just the cutest detail. Total love for the Jess skirt like you wouldn't believe here!

The Jess Dress isn't too shabby either. In fact, it's pretty darn awesome!

The Jess Dress - $250
So please, make use of these codes! Althea set them up specially for Pretty in Dayton, a more than generous thing or her to do.

Just so you don't forget, the codes will be posted somewhere in my banner or sidebar too.  Let me know what you get! And don't forget to send me pictures of you in your lovely clothing!