Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Latest Obsession - Qtica Smart Spa Vanilla Wild Plum

A while ago I was conversing with my Zoya Good Fairy over email on the topic of scents. I had just tried Qtica's Exotic Mango lotion and found it didn't agree with me very well. So I asked my Good Fairy for scent suggestions. One of her suggestions caught my eye: Vanilla Wild Plum.

Image From Qtica's Website
To try Vanilla Wild Plum out I purchased the 8.5 oz bottle of the body lotion. At $12, it's a little pricey. I'll admit I was hesitant after my purchase of Exotic Mango. But Vanilla Wild Plum is far more agreeable than something like Exotic Mango. I loved it so much that when Qtica had it's BOGO offer last week I ended up purchasing the shower gel as well.

Here's how Qtica describes the scent on their website:
"The refreshing, invigorating scent of Vanilla Wild Plum leaves you citrus-charged and ready to face the day."
Here's how I describe the scent:
"Candy for your body, the perfect calming sweet desert after your shower before bed."
Notice how we describe these scents completely different. To me, this scent is refreshing, but ti's just so luxurious I want to sleep in it rather than bounce around all day and get sweaty. I think of this scent as more of a fruity floral than really vanilla. Honestly, the smell is such that I can't tell if it's "fruit" or "floral", which is nice in and of itself.  The scent is  quite strong, but calming. Some people will probably find the scent too strong at first, but rest assured it dries down more mellow than it begins.

This is definitely a feminine scent. I don't think it would translate well when used on a man (I think I might go for Cool for guys if anything out of what I've tried from Qtica). The color is even a lavender pink.

Bottom Line
An easy winner for the sweet toothed girly girl. I wish they sold this in candles too.

Fun Fact: I had no idea that the Shower Gel was also marketed to be used on hair but the bottle clearly says "Foaming Hair and Body Wash".

Vanilla Wild Plum is available in the following forms:
I've only tried the Shower Gel and the Body lotion, but I am so tempted to try the other types.