Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Nars Boutique at 413 Bleecker St. in NYC!

Image of 413 Bleeker Street Flagship Store
I got this mailer from Nars about their new Flagship Boutique in NYC and I just had to share it. Why? Stores get boutiques all the time and I'm in Dayton Ohio. The reason I'm posting it is because they have this adorable Transformation Video about the design of the boutique on the Nars website. It's not your typical sort of video you see from a makeup company, and I found it refreshing.

Also, just so you don't ever forget where their store is located, Nars has a "413 Bleecker." Pure Matte Lipstick which you can purchase in their boutique or on their website. The lipstick costs $25 and coincidentally Nars is offering free shipping on orders of $25 off their website. Ok, maybe it's not so much of a coincidence.

Guess I have another address to add to my list of "next time I'm in New York" list.