Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I had a very busy but AWESOME week last week. That means I was absolutely expecting a gain today. Let me tell you how my week went:
  • Thursday - I gave blood. This meant I couldn't work out.
  • Friday - I did my workout I was supposed to do Thursday, but I through a Happy Hour (which I have to blog a few things about), which meant wine, chocolate, and no dinner. 
  • Saturday - My parents came in town and I did not get an work out in. But I did walk around the blog with my mom (not aerobically effective).
  • Sunday - I convinced my mom to do my final TurboFire workout with me.
  • Monday - I started ChalLEAN Extreme with a dash of TurboFire (my own mix). 
My eating has been bad, but I think I just hit a bit of a block again. Yes, it's partially stress eating.

Weight: 157.6 lbs (+ 1.6 lbs)

I am absolutely on track for my tricep pushups. My arms are looking awesome.

This coming week, I need to buckle down on food again. Because I'm re-adding weight loss, things may be rocky for a while.