Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant - I Get Another Vocabulary Lesson

Definition of according to Merriam-Webster:
  1. Having or showing freedom from worry or trouble.
  2. Having or showing a lack of interest or concern."
I'm going to assume that Ji Baek meant definition #1 here because it's hard for me to believe that this polish would ever represent a lack of interest:

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant
Closeup of shimmer.
Ok, maybe you could take the stance that Ji was showing a lack of interest or concern because she created yet another light purple/lavender polish at a time when every brand seems to have created a similar color. But like her sister Iconoclast, the quality on this polish makes it stand above many others.

Light purple with a bit of lavender and a hint of periwinkle. There's blue shimmer here, though it's not very easy to see in most light. It's enough to keep the polish from looking flat, though.

Two easy coats. No issues at all.

As with most of Rescue Beauty Lounge's polishes, I got very good wear out of this one. After two days (which is good for me) I took it off to put something else on, rather than out of necessity to take it off.

Bottom Line
I do think this is a hefty price for a light purple this time of year, but if you're going to get one it's not a bad one to get because of the high quality.

Iconoclast is available for purchase from Rescue Beauty Lounge for $18.

Request for a Friend

By the way, a very good friend of mine is looking or a light purple that will go with her skin tone. She fair, a little darker than me. But her hands have a reddish tint to them because they get cold easily. I suggested she look at Insouciant, but I would love to ask if any of the rest of you have other light spring purples she might consider as well. Thanks!