Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scenting My Cube - An attempt a making a a 5 by 5 space more tollerable

 Actually my cube is 6 by 6 but you get the point...

Anyone who's ever worked in a "cube farm" knows it's not ideal. You have the feeling you're being watched, but you don't know by whom. You feel crowded but you can't see anyone around you. Sometimes the noise gets so loud you can't think, but you're not entirely sure where the voices are coming from. The worst part - you can smell your coworkers but you can't escape the stench.

Gold Canyon - Scentmate
Gold Canyon ScentMate (looks like Cylon)
I have never been more self conscious about my own smell as I was the day I realized that not everyone working in my "cube farm" took showers every day. The day I smelled someone else, I thought to myself "what do I spell like to them? Am I just as bad?" I started bringing body splashes to work, sticking little scent things up in my cube. And that may have helped me feel a little less self-conscious, but I could still smell the sweat from my neighbor who went to the gym on his lunch break.

At long last I have a solution:

Gold Canyon's Scentmate Fan Diffuser - $16.98

When I first brought my 5 by 5 space question to Melissa Keenan, my Gold Canyon demonstrator, I was really skeptical whens he suggested the Scentmate Fan. It sounded ridiculous. You put scented oil onto a pad, put it inside this gizmo that looks like a Cylon head but without the red eyes, and then let the scent disperse. She assured me I could control the scent by limiting the number of drops I put on the pad.

Gold Canyon - Scentmate
Pad with 50 drops of Sugar Cookie
When I received my Scentmate, I followed the instructions (nearly).  I'll list the important steps for the review here:
"Place ScentMate pad inside the container and add Home Fragrance OPil to the line indicated on the bottle label (approximately 100 Drops)."
I implore you - if you are using this for home office, cube world, small spaces DO NOT FOLLOW THIS STEP!  I had "Sugar Cookie" scent filling the entire floor and I only used about 50 drops. While Gold Canyon Home Fragrance Oil bottles clearly display lines where you should fill the ScentMate to, it's a load of crap. You can get by with way less (and probably want to if you intend on having any friends in your workspace).

When I told my demonstrator about this on Facebook she couldn't believe what I had done. It was immediately followed by another comment from another of her customers that said (paraphrased) "Thank goodness I'm not the only who did this!".  My takeaway: Gold Canyon really needs to update their literature on this product.

In the end I found out between 5-10 drops is ideal. Your scent will fade as time goes on.
Gold Canyon - Scentmate
"Helpful" demarcations on bottle
are misleading

Styrch's Words of Wisdom for ScentMate Use in Small Spaces
  • 100 drops is way too much - Only use between 5 and 10 drops per pad.
  • 3 pads is enough - They say "1 pad per use", but they don't tell you anywhere on the website or catalog that 1 use is 4 to 6 months. You don't need to purchase extra pads immediately. I have enough for several years because I didn't realize this.
  • Have AA batteries on hand - the unite does not include them.
  • Add new drops each day for renewed freshness - once the pad looks like it's done, then replace. Remember, it's meant to hold 100 drops so this should be a while!
Scents that are Available for ScentMate - $6.98 each
  • Ginger Lime
  • Autumn Walk - "Man in a Can"
  • Apple
  • Citrus Cream
  • Relaxing
  • Holiday Wreath
  • Pomegranate
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Sweet Pea
  • Clean Sheets
Bottom Line
If you like fragrance or have "Cube Funk" issues, then the ScentMate is worth trying.

Right now I own Autumn Walk, Sugar Cookie and Sweet Pea. I suspect I'll be trying a few more. You are also encouraged to mix and match your own scents by putting more than one on a pad. I haven't tried this as I don't think my choices would work very well together at this time.

Gold Canyon - Scentmate
Disassembled Fan Diffuser.
You can purchase ScentMate Fan Diffuser and related products from Gold Canyon (my demonstrator's link).

I received my ScentMate at half price for holding a Candle Party at my house. I purchased this product with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with Gold Canyon.