Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scenting My Home - Gold Canyon Candles with Melissa Keenan

We ladies love to burn things, particularly when they smell wonderful. Ask any of us - we all appreciate a beautiful candle. For the last several years I've been purchasing Gold Canyon candles pretty much exclusively so I thought I'd share some of that with you.

Gold Canyon and Wine Party - April 1, 2011

What is Gold Canyon?
Well, it's a company that deals in scent, particularly of the home. You know Mary Kay? This works similarly only the demonstrators sell candles and other items. I got hooked on the Autumn Walk Scent (which I hear they call "Man in a Can") and Sugar Cookie, and it's been sort of down hill from there. Since then I've also tried Apple Spice (love it in my bathrooms), Creme Brulee, and I'll soon be trying Sweet Pea. I have also been trying candle alternatives like their Scent Pods. There is such a variety, there's something for everyone. Even my mom, who doesn't like scented candles (WHAT???) purchased a candle centerpiece and some unscented tea lights.

Why THIS Post Now?
My demonstrator, Melissa Keenan, is getting ready to have her fourth baby. She's also planning a BIG MOVE from nowhere Ohio, to Lexington, Ky. I decided to write this post as a favor to her to help give her a boost as she moves locations. She informed me that currently there are no Gold Canyon Demonstrators in the Lexington area so this could be a big chance for her.

Gold Canyon and Wine Party - April 1, 2011
So I Threw A Candle Party!
On April 1st, I threw a Vino and Candles party at my house, a happy hour for some friends. Melissa set up her demonstration table, and the rest of us drank wine, asked her questions, and shopped. No formal presentations - just casual fun. My friend Lauren brought over a chocolate fountain, and we proceeded to indulge. It was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be, I highly recommend it for you and your girls.

I also asked Melissa some questions...

Gold Canyon and Wine Party - April 1, 2011
Melissa and my friend Kara
Interview with Melissa Keenan, Gold Canyon Demonstrator

Tell me about yourself. What would you like my readers to know?   
I'm a stay at home mom with 3 (almost 4) girls. I'm a person who's not satisfied with settling, and I've never been. Even when working "corporate" world, I despised worked for someone else, working someone else's schedule and increasing their bottom line - and all I got was the same pay day in and day out. I knew one day I'd be the boss...but I just wasn't sure how or where! Gold Canyon gives me the opportunity to do that - to feel empowered every day to make the choices I want for my business and do the things that increase MY bottom line!
Autumn Walk Candle
"Man in a Can"
How long have you been with Gold Canyon?  
In December, I will have been with Gold Canyon for 7 years - so, coming up on 6 and 1/2 years this June.
Why did you decide to become a Gold Canyon demonstrator?
I had been laid off from my job as a payroll auditor for a large printing company. I had spent almost 3 years there when the layoff occurred. I personally had purchased a candle 4 years prior at a home party and realized I had this great product sitting under my nose the whole time, but the timing hadn't been right for me. I decided to join Gold Canyon because I loved the candles and thought "well, if I love it, I can sell it!"
Moroccan Amber Vanilla Candle
Smells just like Crazy Wisdom Bookstore
in Ann Arbor
How did you go about building your little candle empire here in southern Ohio? 
It was tough at first, since I was the first demonstrator in Middletown. Most of my parties had never heard of Gold Canyon and I did several parties in Northern Kentucky where all they'd buy were car fresheners. It took some time, but once my customers tried a little candle, they were coming back quickly for the BIG candles and they started to tell their friends. I operate my business MOSTLY through referrals - so the services I provide to my customers and the ease of doing parties - is what causes my business to grow.
What are your dreams for your transfer to Kentucky? 
Statewide domination! LOL! Just kidding! I'm so excited to be going to another new area to introduce them to Gold Canyon! I know that there are SOOO many women out there like me who just don't want to settle, who want to take control of their time and their finances! I'm excited that I can offer this opportunity to them!  My customers in Ohio want to see success, just as much as I do, and they've been referring their friends and family that live in Lexington to me! So far, I have 3 people to contact who have said they'd do a Gold Canyon party for me as soon as I get down there! 
Sugar Cookie!!! My Guilty Pleasure
What would be your advice/tips to people starting out in Gold Canyon or similar businesses? 
Figure out WHY you are doing this first. Your "why" is the only thing that will get you over those walls when you hit them - and you will hit them. If you have weak why, you'll have a weak business. Understand that it does take time to grow your business and if you stay consistent in providing the best customer services that you can and offering a high quality product, your business will flourish!
ScentMate Fan Diffuser
I will be trying this in the office.
What are your favorite Gold Canyon products/scents? 
Oh wow - the list could go on and on!! Product wise - LOVE our candles - I've never found anything stronger, cleaner burning, and just all around a GREAT product! Some of my favorite fragrances are Ginger Lime, Vanilla Cupcakes, Yuzu and Ruby Red...the list could go on and on! I also love the Emerge line - a body care line designed to go along with your every day life that not only smells great, but is packed full of living ionic minerals which is beneficial to your skin and overall health! I love the Homeology - All natural cleaning products! No chemicals in our home and it smells GREAT!!!
Scent It! Rock Garden
Very Popular, On Backorder at Time of Post
I personally believe that scenting the home with certain smells can influence the mood of those in the room. Can you tell me what Gold Canyon scents you'd recommend for the following emotions?
  • Calming - Relaxing, Harmony, Jasmine, Warm Welcome, Cedar Woods, Lavender, Quiet Moments   
  • Invigorating  - Anything from the Emerge line, Pomegranate, Fresh Orange, Ginger Lime, Yuzu and Ruby, Citrus Cream, Awaken 
  • Comforting - Cucumber Melon, Cranberry Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender 
  • Inviting - this is a difficult one to define...everyone finds a different scent inviting and others can find the same fragrance repulsive!:) 
  • Sexy - ANYTHING with Ylang Ylang in it, Romantic, Jasmine, Sensual 
  • Fun - Sparkling Apricot, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Apple, Awaken 
  • Optimistic - Awaken, Fruit Fusion, Love Struck, Pineapple Coast
For the descriptions of these scents, they can go to my website at www.mygc.com/melissakeenan
Pod Warmer - a Non-Flame Option
I have two of them.
Are there any scents or Gold Canyon products you would want people to stay away from? 
Nope, I love it all! Personal fragrance preference is what will will cause someone to stay away. I always try to find if someone has an allergy to a particular scent, then I can tell them exactly which candles to avoid.
What will be your location when you move so I can let my readers know your area and where you're willing to do parties.
We will be in the Greater Lexington area...we still haven't settled on a neighbor hood yet, but we hope to live near New Circle Road - so I'll be able to access any part of the city very quickly!
So if you're in the Lexington area, please look up Melissa. The products are great - I will be doing more reviews. And she helps throw and awesome party. No matter where you live in the US or Canada, you can order from Melissa through her website.

Bonus! Look who was dipping marshmallows and sniffing candle scents with us!!! Althea Harper dropped in to hang with a couple of her friends. She also took the time to refit me in my Lorenzo dress - more on that when I get the dress back!

Gold Canyon and Wine Party - April 1, 2011
Althea Harper enjoying chocolate! :)
Disclaimer: Other than the hostess compensation I received for holding the Vino and Candles party I am not be compensated in any other way for this post or any other posts that I do for Melissa or Gold Canyon. I am not affiliated with Gold Canyon.