Friday, April 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have - MAC Strada

Ah, here's another lovely that MAC discontinued...

MAC Strada Blush

I was first introduced to Strada by a MAC Artist in Cincinnati named Jen. Jen too had pale skin. Much more pale than mine, truth be told. She was all about rocking the colorful eye and playing down the rest of the face. On one of my visits I was itching for a new blush. So I asked her if there was one blush she thought blonds should never be without. She pulled off the shelf the lovely (now discontinued) Strada.

At first glance Strada doesn't look like much. Actually it kind of looks like sand. There's really no pink at all to this color. I was very concerned about purchasing it, but I trusted Jen and went with her choice. I am so very glad I did because it has become a color I can't live without.

You see the best thing about a color like Strada is this: you can use it to shape your face. Jen didn't tell me this when I purchased it, but I figured out contouring with Strada on my own. When I use it I often go into the hollows below my cheek bones, or along the temple, sometimes a little around the chin. The amount of blending I do depends on how much shadow I really want displayed. But I swear you can take POUNDS off your face if you use this blush in certain ways. You can really give your cheekbones some power by combining it with another blush or highlighter.  Strada was my secret weapon for a long time. I haven't used her as much recently because I've been exploring other blushes. But every time I open the  little 6 pan of MAC blushes that contains my Strada it gets used!

Truly I have not found a contour blush to equal Strada. When I hit pan on her I will cry buckets of tears. Thank goodness a little Strada goes a long way.

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