Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Custom Color Sheer Lipstick in Frangipani

Take a look at my new best friend...

Three Custom Color Specialists - Sheer Lipsticks - Frangipani

Three Custom Color Specialists - Sheer Lipsticks - Frangipani
A little bit ago I purchased some Three Custom Color products from Hautelook for super cheap. I believe I first became aware of the brand via reading Prime Beauty. If I recall correctly, it was a twitter conversation with @mylipsbutbetter that sold me on trying a few products. Sheer Lipstick in Frangipani was one of them. Since I started wearing it, it's become a quick go-to for a subtle pick me up. I love it!

Frangipani is a sheer coral that turns a lovely shade of pink on my lips. But yes, it is coral. Strange, I know. But it's sheer - it'll probably look a little different on everyone.

The lipstick glides on smooth. It has no scent, not taste. After being a MAC lippie hoarder for so long I missed vanilla, but I'll take zero taste and zero scent over something that drives me crazy any day.

Usually $21.50, I got it for $9.50

Bottom Line
If you can get it for cheap, go for it. This is a gorgeous lipstick and the formula was great. But I really dislike the idea of paying $21.50 for a lipstick (even though I have before).