Friday, April 29, 2011

To the Beautiful Royal Couple: Dude... I'm wearing a funny little hat!

We at Pretty in Dayton Blog would like to congratulate Prince William and Princess (Kate!!!) Catherine on their wedding. Although we realize that the United States was partially founded on the concept of rejecting their monarchy's sovereignty, we are very happy to see them properly hitched.

After all, it gives us an occasion to wear this in public:

The Fascinator!
Fascinator Obtained for about $9 from H&M in Las Vegas with the help of The Daily Nail


P.S. My husband reminds me that half of him does recognize you as Sovereign as he is half Canadian.

More "Fascinator" Pics

The Fascinator!

The Fascinator!

I am so going to get more of these... or maybe even learn how to make them myself!