Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turbo Jam Giveaway Winner - Congratulations to Cat! @miss_pragmatic

Wow! Cat's on a roll for the giveaways this week. First she won Tiffany LeMay's Stella & Dot Giveaway and now Turbo Jam! She should have gone to Vegas with me...

When ordering my list I took the time of the comment into consideration first (which I then verified on BeachBody that the person fulfilled my requirements), followed by Facebook liking and order of tweets for a total of 7 entries. The number "2" was chosen by and that was Cat.

For the others who entered: 
I really want to share Turbo Jam with you all, because I believe in it. If you would like to purchase Turbo Jam through me using my Coach's discount I would be happy to work something out with you. (Mostly I'm talking to Allison, since Lindsay has a coach discount of her own).

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Disclaimer: I am an Independent BeachBody Coach. BeachBody does not pay me to advertise their products. I do earn a commission if you purchase BeachBody products through me, but I am not compensated for this giveaway. I purchased this Turbo Jam Basic set with money out of my own pocket.