Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What NOT to say to a partner who is going through a fitness journey...

Spouses, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends... take notes!  You may be jealous, you may be a little passive aggressive, you may feel guilty that you aren't in as good of shape as they are getting. If your significant other is going through a weight loss or fitness journey, there are certain things you just shouldn't say to your partner!

Stuff my husband says:
  • "I lost 8 lbs last month, but I didn't mean to."
  • "You still take up too much space on the couch."
  • "So do you want to start trying to have kids now?"
  • "Eh, Gap jeans always get loose."
  • "So will you wear the school girl skirt now?"
  • "How much longer until you can wear that bikini you wore on our honeymoon?"
  • "The living room smells like a gym."
  • "You're such a calorie freak."
  • "Will power!" (in response to a food situations).
  • "Quit buying so much stuff!" 
  • "Here, try this." (piece of food)
  • "I went to lunch to day at (favorite restaurant) and I feel like a fat happy bastard now."
  • "I hate tofu."
  • "You have incisors! Use them!"
  • "I still have probably have a lower percentage of body fat than you."
Ok, just had to get that off my chest. You understand I'm sure. Maybe I'll write separate posts addressing the particular issues that I think are the most problematic, telling you my thought process, and a good solution or another way to express the thought.

Rant over! :)