Monday, April 25, 2011

Winners of Tiffany LeMay's Stella & Dot Pretty in Dayton Giveaway!

I just wanted to report back that I heard from Tiffany LeMay of Stella & Dot that she received 13 entries for her Giveaway she was performing with Pretty in Dayton (read about that here). There were no additional referrals (for $70 second prize of referring your friends) so Tiffany was kind enough to draw TWO names from those who came from Pretty in Dayton.

Winners - Leaving off Last Names to Protect My Lovely Readers

As I understand it, Tiffany will be contacting Cat and Cindy privately about their prizes.

For the Everyone Else... I have some questions!
Considering we only received 13 entries for this giveaway, may I ask you to put into comments the following?
  • If you chose not to enter this giveaway, why? Was it the brand, the prize, the steps involved? Facebook? Please let me know.
  • For the future, what types of giveaways are you most likely to participate in?
  • Anything else, please let me know.