Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15% off Shabby Apple until June 3rd!

Shabby Apple is celebrating NYC Fleet Week by giving customers 15% off with code FLEET15 at checkout.

I highly recommend the Da Vinci dress - I've been getting a TON of wear out of mine! Of course, purchasing something from Set Sail would be absolutely appropriate too.

You know, being a Dayton, Ohio/Ann Arbor, Michigan girl I wouldn't even know Fleet Week existed if it weren't for Sex and the City. But hey, if it's giving me a reason to buy a cute dress or a piece of jewelry... *shrug*

Pretty in Dayton is an affiliate site of Shabby Apple.

Evil Shades Drakon Steals My Heart!

I just realized I forgot to post my Face of the Day for Althea Harper's wedding...

Face of the Day - May 14, 2011

I particularly liked this one because I got to play around with Drakon, by Evil Shades. Are you recall from my post about the swatch (I gushed), I decided this was worth purchasing a full size. And It really is! This time I was inspired to try this duochrome shadow over a base of MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, to give it a truly smokey look.

Face of the Day - May 14, 2011

How do you think I did? Did I do Drakon justice?
Face of teh Day - May 14, 2011
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy - scribbled all over lid.
  • Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Drakon - Patted down on top of Teddy
  • Inglot Eye Shadow in Pearl 347 - brow highlight.
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Smolder - lined the lids.
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
I must have used something extra in the crease but I'm not sure what it was.

  • Meow cosmetics foundation Pampurred Puss in Frisky Sphynx
  • MAC Beauty Powder in She Who Dares
Face of teh Day - May 14, 2011

And seriously... go buy Drakon! It's awesome!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Beauty Spotlight Team - Week of May 28

Welcome to the Beauty Spotlight. Every other week our beauty blog team will shine a spotlight on their best posts. Expect them to bring you the latest, the greatest and the most fun to find beauty products the world over!
PS - If you check out the tabs at the top of my blog you will find a link to the Beauty Spotlight Team List  too.

    Random Post - Shoe Love: Look What @teelea Wore!

    Teresa's Awesome Shoes

    My girl Teresa wore these to a party last week. They were kinda awesome so I thought I'd share.  Teresa is a DSW addict, by the way. If you're in the Dayton area and are a DSW fan or need a scouting partner, I'm sure @teelea would be happy to lend her shoe jungle prowess to your expedition.

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Shabby Apple Caterpillar Bracelet

    So look what hopped out of my mail box the other day...

    Shabby Apple - Caterpillar Bracelet
    Shabby Apple Caterpiller Bracelet - $35

    I got an email not too long ago. Shabby Apple wanted to send their affiliates a little accessory: The Caterpillar Bracelet. I've had my eye on some of their accessories for a while (I'm obsessed with the Through The Looking Glass necklace but will NOT pay $68 for it), so this was a a wonderful surprise. I received the silver plated with pink and purple beads, which I think is quite lovely.

    Shabby Apple - Catapiller BraceletThe lobster claw clasp on The Caterpillar is both decorative and adjustable. It's tricky to put this bracelet on by myself without twisting it. But even twisted, Caterpillar still looks pretty cool. I do think this bracelet is rather on the large size. The smallest size is still quite loose. But then again, this is meant to be a more relaxed style of accessory, I think.

    The only thing I don't like about this bracelet is that it makes a bit of noise and clanks on things. But that's sort of to be expected with this type of design.

    Bottom Line
    I didn't have to pay for this, but I like the bracelet well enough to purchase it for it's price.  (That means that I think it's a little bit nicer quality than those other accessory sites I frequent where I pay $30 per piece if you're reading between the lines).

    Pretty in Dayton is a Shabby Apple affiliate site. Theoretically, if you click through from my site to Shabby Apple Styrch will get a kick back on your purchase. But since no one has done this yet, it remains to be seen. In any case, Shabby Apple sent this bracelet for consideration.

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Half Off Sale Items at Hale Bob

    Use coupon code: 55MAYSUM for 50% off Hale Bob from now until May 30th.

    Some Of My Favorites In The Sale

    Cabana Champagne Summer Strut Stretch Banded Skirt - $132 pre-Sale
    Teal Tye Dye Skirt - $188 pre-sale
    There's lots of stuff! So go try to get some good deals! :)

    Images are from Hale Bob's Site. 

    Attending The Wedding of Althea Harper and Stewart Adam

    Note: Get ready to read a terribly disorganized post. I had such a good time at this wedding it's been hard to get everything together. No matter what, I would never be able to capture the night perfectly.

    The Happy Couple

    On May 14th, I had the honor of attending the wedding and reception of the lovely Althea Harper to her fiance Stewart Adam. How exactly I ended up in this situation, I'll probably never have an explanation except that Althea is not only super talented but extremely nice and just... AWESOME!

    The Wedding Ceremony
    The ceremony itself was held at Fairmont Presbyterian Church in Kettering, Oh. I have to say that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've had the chance to witness. If I counted correctly, there were 18 attendants in the wedding party. The men wore kilts, and the ladies wore a dress designed by Althea, of course). Sadly, my images shot in the church did not turn out as I would have hoped, otherwise I'd share them with you. I have never heard a set of vows more beautiful than the words that Althea and Stewart spoke to one another. The lovely bride even got choked up after hearing Stewart's words and had difficulty getting out her own set. Truthfully, I think most of us were choked up. Good job Stewart!

    The Reception

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    CAKE FACE!!!!

    Althea Harper's WeddingThis is where the real fun began, of course! The reception was held in downtown Dayton at Therapy Cafe. I have never been to Therapy. The drinks were ok, the food was a bit scarce, but I had a nice flask of Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka with me (if you've never tried this - it's dangerously delicious) so I was all set. I felt like such a crasher because the only other person I knew there beside my husband was Lisa of the Beaute Box. But it didn't matter - every one was there to have fun and celebrate the couple. I can honestly say that it is the first reception I have been to where the cake cutting has turned into a food fight and the bride has ended up on the floor covered in frosting.

    Talking with Althea's Mom

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    I had the opportunity to meet Althea's Mother last summer when Althea came to highlight her Sittella collection at Evny at the Greene. I thought for sure she wouldn't know who I was - I don't remember people I meet randomly like that. But she just came out with "Oh! You're the one who got Althea that beautiful vase!" Talk about shocking me. I'm not sure even my mom knew the details of my bridal gifts. Anyway, she was dressed in this lovely coral dress, which I think was made of silk (I overheard).

    Althea Harper's WeddingMeeting Ashlie Cormier
    For those of you who have had the pleasure of ordering from Althea Harper, you probably have emailed with Ashlie. She has spoken to me at length over email about a lot of different things, always pertaining to my purchases or possible purchases. She's an absolute delight and super helpful, and I managed to finally meet her in person! We found each other through tweets, of all things. And it turns out, she was standing right behind me at the reception. Of course we had to take a picture together!

    I should also mention that a picture I took of Ashlie and her boyfriend easily became one of my favorite candid shots of the night:

    Althea Harper's Wedding

    Isn't that beautiful?

    And Then There was This Guy...

    Althea Harper's Wedding

    Althea Harper's Wedding

    Note to Self: NEVER try to repeat something my husband said when making small talk!!!. When meeting this groomsman, I tried to relay a comment on his outfit that my husband made and it didn't come out right.   But really... does he not remind you of that Starburst commercial with the Scotch-Korean and the Albino Lifeguard in this picture? I tried to explain that, with very limited to no success. All that he said was "Taste the Rainbow" so I'm pretty sure my attempt at small talk fell flat.I hope he didn't take offense - I feel bad.

    Regardless he was at the center of the action all night long. The wedding party made him give an impromptu speech. I am also pretty sure they rigged the Garter Toss in his favor (you can see it on his head to the right). Clearly, very much a friend of all who were in attendance. I wish I could get to know him better.

    Now for some random pictures:

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Lisa Scott of the Beaute Box Getting her Groove On

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Pre-Cakewar planning

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Althea looking beautiful

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Father Daughter Dance

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Father-Daughter Dance (Full Dress Shot)

    Althea Harper's Wedding
    Mother-Son Dance (Full Kilt!)

    First Dance
    I managed to get the first dance on video... if you want you can see below:

    I have a bunch of other pictures but none of them are really all that great. It was hard with my point and shoot camera and I kept getting the dreaded red-eye on everyone. But I hope you enjoyed this post and that I could bring you at least a little bit of the happiness all of us shared at the wedding.

    To Althea and Stewart,

    We at Pretty in Dayton wish you the best of luck, and know that you two are going to be happy no matter what. We've really never seen a more happy couple at their own wedding than the two of you (and by "we" we mean Styrch). It was truly a pleasure to be counted among your guests. XO - Styrch

    P.S.  Did I mention that my husband and I both got our degrees from the University of Michigan? Always a pleasure to meet Wolverine Fans down here in "enemy" territory.

    JewelMint - I Finally Try Out The Other Subscription Accessories Club

    Recently I took advantage of a coupon for JewelMint (my personal invite link) and decided to give them a try. Prior to this I had felt that many of the items in JewelMint's collection were a little too strange or not to my taste, but over the months I began to realize that they are quirky, fun, and quite a different vibe from Send The Trend. Where Send The Trend looks for what is current NOW, JewelMint doesn't put an emphasis on "Trendy" but more on individual style. While they do give you selections just like Send the Trend, their selection is far more limited and not as focused on a theme (though items do tend to work well together).

    My First Purchase - The Bowie Ring

    Jewelmint Bowie Ring
    The Bowie Ring

    Any way you slice it, the piece itself is sturdy and fun but probably not worth $29.95. However, I have worn this ring SO MUCH since I purchased it I have more than gotten my money's worth out of it. That's why this piece rocks in my opinion. I love the metallic and the stone (though to be honest I don't know that it's real stone). The design itself reminds me of Frank Herbert's Dune for some reason. I call it my Ducal Signet Ring, for no reason other than to be strange. But it does have a Sci-Fi feel to it.

    The Packaging

    Jewelmint Bowie Ring

    Jewelmint Bowie Ring
    All this for a costume ring?
    At first I was very impressed by JewelMint's packaging. Look at it! It's nearly as special as receiving a Tiffany Box in design, plus the note from Kate and Cher on the inside describing inspiration and ways to wear your purchased item is awesome. The thing is, you'll get this packaging EVERY TIME. After a while, it becomes a bit of a waste. I wish I could return the boxes for recycle or something. Maybe get a discount on a purchase for returning boxes?

    Subsequent Purchase - The Mumbai Bracelet

    JewelMint Mumbai
    My Mumbai Bracelet
    Made of what my friend Kara calls "pot metal" this go-with-anything bracelet sold out fast on JewelMint. On their facebook page some people who got the bracelet were calling it "The Mumbai Club" because it had such a following and it's easy to see why. It's the perfect little piece to wrap up an outfit. Again, is it a $30 piece? No. But I wear it so often how can I say it was a bad purchase?

    The collectible nature of these pieces is something that Send the Trend does not have. Send the Trend will cover me for staple pieces to keep me up to date. But if I want something different from trendy, I will look to JewelMint. Plus, I can't deny the draw to "collect" with such limited arrange of offerings. That's just fun!

    One thing you will love regardless of your taste: The Shipping is FREAKY FAST!!! 

    Bottom Line
    With the option to opt out, just like other subscription services, why not?

    Anyone can join JewelMint  but I would be honored if you joined through me: My Invite Link to JewelMint.  You won't get charged until your first purchase. After that, you can skip months just like other subscription services.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    And Now... A Discussion of the Color "Nude" and a Promise

    While I was writing that previous post on Zoya's Touch Collection I realized I had a separate topic I wanted to discuss: The color term "nude" in reference to color. I loved that they didn't use the word "nude" in the color descriptions. And now I'm feeling talkative. But it's about a bunch of stuff that didn't belong in the Touch post.

    (and here's where I digress/rant which you all know and probably have participated in in the past)

    "Nude" Referring to a Color is RIDICULOUS Because MY Nude is Not YOUR Nude
    Back in college, I took a class where we discussed the color of the traditional adhesive bandage, that they don't match anyone's skin even though they are meant to match Caucasian skin. That was the color usually refer to as "Nude". You can see the same thing in "nude" nylons/pantyhose too. Growing up in the group to which this "Nude" belongs, it takes an "ah-ha" moment to realize that when calling a color "nude" you are dealing with two different ideas. Actually, it sort of takes a big "THUNK" over the head for a few people, like myself. For me, it was the class with the adhesive bandage example that gave me the big "THUNK". But regardless, it officially made me conscious of trying to divorce the ADJECTIVE "Nude" from the name of hue of "light beige".(Ok, a color is still an ADJECTIVE, but you know what I mean right?)

    Personally, I'd love to see "Nude" refer to a "Teal" color sometime. (says the sci-fi fantasy geek girl in me).

    I don't know how far  Zoya has gone with the Touch collection to match skin colors other than "white chick" but taking undertones into consideration will go a long way I think. I really hope that my Good Fairy is right about these appealing to a very large variety of skin tones. Quite honestly, I often find that "nude" polishes look better on women with darker skin tones because the color stands out so beautifully.. I love contrast.

    My New Pledge to You:
    Hence forth, if you find me calling a "light beige" color "nude" smack me upside the head and remind me that I don't like to do that. A lifetime of conditioning, and actually being a member of the group the supposed "nude" color encompasses  works against me and I know I'll slip up. 

    So what would have been really cool would have been if the chick in the Zoya ad wasn't a fair blond. Right?

    Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss (GAIN) Report

    Ok, so I'm starting to think there's a ChaLEAN Extreme Push Month Curse. ChaLEAN warns that you will start to feel super hungry as your body begins to change. But doesn't really talk about managing that hunger (or if you have to). This last week I was not good about counting calories. But I did exercise a lot more. I was hoping my exercise would balance everything out. Sadly that was not to be. I could tell when I awoke this morning that I would not be happy with the scale.

    Weight: 158.0 lbs (+ 2.4 lbs)

    I expected it. I'm not going to lie. But I'm not worried about this. I think I will see a loss next week, or at least something more stable. I am lifting heavier weights this week than last week, and that's an indicator that something has changed!

    Next week
    Focus on food!

    BTW, there is still time if you want to get in on my Shakeology Cleanse next month. Please check out my post. Ask me questions. Join the Facebook Event page. It's all good!

    Pre-Order Zoya Touch! May 25 through May 31

    I learned about Zoya Touch collection a few days ago and I just about fell out of my chair because several of my friends and readers have asked me about neutral polishes recently.  And that's exactly what this collection is: 3 takes on beige polishes! Zoya's reading minds folks! And they are available NOW for Pre-Order.

    Here's the thing - for me, I've never really cared too much about "nude" polishes. I'm a vampy girl. I love contrast. But when someone asks me about "good neutrals" meaning beige, I usually say there are only a few that I like and that I'm not the person to ask. But who is? So many polish bloggers are like me - we tend to like COLOR. So why neglect this color group? My opinion: because of the perception that beige is "office appropriate" and "boring".

    Can we get some exciting neutrals?
    It sounds like Zoya may be answering that question with a YES! Each of these is a little metallic, which will hopefully make  them more exciting.  What do you think? Here are their descriptions and names:
    • Minka (ZP561) - latte beige cream with a metallic kiss
    • Shay (ZP562) - desert rose sand beige cream with a metallic kiss
    • Pandora (ZP563) - mauve beige cream with a metallic kiss

    Can we please cheer for Zoya is calling these colors "beige" and not "nude" in the description?


    My Good Zoya Fairy has also told me that the Zoya colorist worked with undertones of skin to get these to coordinate with a variety of people. So hopefully, Touch will contain something for everyone - regardless of your skin color or tone.

    You can Pre-Order Zoya's Touch Collection from Their Website.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    I'm a Guest Blogger for Adventures in Scent!!! (Check it out, my footnotes, and more pictures)

    You know how much I love my Penhaligon's Artemisia from past posts. But did you know how it impacted my life? I forsook my earlier love, Versace Red Jeans for the love of Artemisa. And the "why" was simple. I outgrew Red Jeans. Please read AND COMMENT on the post over at Adventures in Scent.

    But there's more to the story which I couldn't fit in their post.

    1. The story I wrote to Penhaligon's was limited to 500 characters (I went a little over), but the gist of it is there. 
    2. Red Jeans REALLY IS a man magnet but I think it smells young because it is affordable at a younger age. My theory is that maybe guys also associate this smell with younger *cough*moreattractive*cough* women. This theory is untested (unless you count numerous "wow you smell good" comments when wearing that perfume).
    3. I felt guilty over purchasing Red Jeans after my co-workers comment primarily because my husband was jealous of my friend's attention.  But he wasn't the only guy to say this, just that was the strangest one. Smell is one of the hardest things to compliment about without someone feeling awkward. I have since gifted this friend's girl (who is also a friend) with the perfume as there was no way in hell I was ever going to touch that bottle again! And when she reads this she will know exactly what I'm talking about and hopefully will laugh!
    4. While Gucci II and Lolita Lempicka are both awesome, I began to associate them with work, not fun. Chanel Chance suffered that fate as well.
    5. Artemisia I want to wear all the time! I wear it to work as well as out. But I don't, at this point, associate it with anything in particular other than "Me". It is so rare in Dayton that it's one scent I can really say is "mine" (at least for the moment).
    I would encourage you to try Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service. It's awesome!

    Additional Pictures Kara took for the Penhaligon's Piece (these are so awesome)

    No Picture Taking Session is Complete Without Cicero!!!
    Just for fun. :)

    Truly I am honored to be featured on their blog. It's my first "guest blog", which makes it even cooler.   I also *think* I'm the first "Guest Blogger" on that blog from the States so yeah... ego boost! :) It's awesome!


    P.S. Unless you live in a big city that has Penhaligon's somewhere, you'll need to purchase from them  online or call a store. It's expensive perfume, but their scents are completely different from what I've smelled from our traditional popular perfumes this side of the pond.

    Review: Zoya Summertime Collection

    Zoya Summertime

    You know cream polishes just don't get me as excited as foil polishes, however THIS collection has something Sunshine did not: Sssooooooooki!

    Which makes me think of...

     (as I stop drooling over Eric)

    Yes, yes... I realize Ms. Stackhouse is "Sookie" not "Sooki" but really can't I just have one True Blood joke here? Yes, I wish this collection HAD been a True Blood collection but we can't have what we want all the time. Incidentally, I would have loved "Sookie" to be paired with "Tara", "Arlene", "Claudine", "Lorena", and "Lafayette"... or something like that.

    But all that is for dreams and wishing. Back to the real collection!

    Application For all Colors
    All colors were applied over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite.

    I had exceptional wear with these. The first one I tried (Areej) wore on me for four days without huge chips - a major accomplishment for me.

    And the Ladies...


    Zoya Areej

    Zoya Areej

    This lovely cream magenta was so pretty I let her stay on my fingers for a lot longer than I usually do. There's not a lot to this color - but most creams I've seen like this tend to lean too red or too pink for my taste. This one is a more unusual purple-magenta.


    Zoya Breezi

    Zoya Breezi

    This blue reminds me of a brighter version of MAC Blue India. The color  is a medium blue cream with maybe just a touch of "slate" "gray" tone to it. It's both bright and murky... which I'm not entirely sure HOW that's achieved, but Breezi is it. Very beautiful.


    Zoya Kieko

    Zoya Kieko

    Keiko is a more purple magenta than Areej. She's quite an unusual looking shade. I must admit this one really grew on me as I wore her. But she's still so close to her other sister, this just felt like a variation on a theme.


    Zoya Mira
    Forgot the Macro Lens... sorry.

    Zoya Mira
    Indoor with flash, closer to actual color.

    Purple with just a touch of the magenta of her sisters Keiko and Areej. But I actually wore her twice, unlike the rest of the collection so far. So that should count for something.


    Zoya Sooki

    Zoya Sooki

    This is the brightest summer candy cherry red! I love this color so much! I am very glad that this polish lived up to the love I have or Ms. Sookie Stackhouse. I wanted this color so much. It's so sweet I just wanted to continuously lick my fingers. Perfect candy red.


    Zoya Tamsen

    Zoya Tamsen

    If I hadn't swatched Sooki on my left hand and Tamsen on the right, from my pictures I would never know there's a difference. But there is, though it is slight. Tamsen is Sooki with a touch of brown.  Why Zoya??? I really probably could have appreciated Tamsen in a different collection but when it is SO CLOSE in color to Sooki it just pales in comparison.Yes, it might look better on some complexions than Sooki but it's just so close...

    Bottom Line
    Depending on your taste I would recommend any one of these creams. But you don't need Tamsen AND Sooki. Out of the two I'd suggest Sooki.

    My favorites will probably end up being Sooki, Mira, Keiko... maybe Breezi.

    You can purchase Zoya Nail Polish from their Wesbite for $8 a bottle. But keep an eye out for deals. They often have them.

    I don't think I need a disclosure on this post... I purchased these ladies myself.