Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And Now... A Discussion of the Color "Nude" and a Promise

While I was writing that previous post on Zoya's Touch Collection I realized I had a separate topic I wanted to discuss: The color term "nude" in reference to color. I loved that they didn't use the word "nude" in the color descriptions. And now I'm feeling talkative. But it's about a bunch of stuff that didn't belong in the Touch post.

(and here's where I digress/rant which you all know and probably have participated in in the past)

"Nude" Referring to a Color is RIDICULOUS Because MY Nude is Not YOUR Nude
Back in college, I took a class where we discussed the color of the traditional adhesive bandage, that they don't match anyone's skin even though they are meant to match Caucasian skin. That was the color usually refer to as "Nude". You can see the same thing in "nude" nylons/pantyhose too. Growing up in the group to which this "Nude" belongs, it takes an "ah-ha" moment to realize that when calling a color "nude" you are dealing with two different ideas. Actually, it sort of takes a big "THUNK" over the head for a few people, like myself. For me, it was the class with the adhesive bandage example that gave me the big "THUNK". But regardless, it officially made me conscious of trying to divorce the ADJECTIVE "Nude" from the name of hue of "light beige".(Ok, a color is still an ADJECTIVE, but you know what I mean right?)

Personally, I'd love to see "Nude" refer to a "Teal" color sometime. (says the sci-fi fantasy geek girl in me).

I don't know how far  Zoya has gone with the Touch collection to match skin colors other than "white chick" but taking undertones into consideration will go a long way I think. I really hope that my Good Fairy is right about these appealing to a very large variety of skin tones. Quite honestly, I often find that "nude" polishes look better on women with darker skin tones because the color stands out so beautifully.. I love contrast.

My New Pledge to You:
Hence forth, if you find me calling a "light beige" color "nude" smack me upside the head and remind me that I don't like to do that. A lifetime of conditioning, and actually being a member of the group the supposed "nude" color encompasses  works against me and I know I'll slip up. 

So what would have been really cool would have been if the chick in the Zoya ad wasn't a fair blond. Right?