Thursday, May 26, 2011

Attending The Wedding of Althea Harper and Stewart Adam

Note: Get ready to read a terribly disorganized post. I had such a good time at this wedding it's been hard to get everything together. No matter what, I would never be able to capture the night perfectly.

The Happy Couple

On May 14th, I had the honor of attending the wedding and reception of the lovely Althea Harper to her fiance Stewart Adam. How exactly I ended up in this situation, I'll probably never have an explanation except that Althea is not only super talented but extremely nice and just... AWESOME!

The Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony itself was held at Fairmont Presbyterian Church in Kettering, Oh. I have to say that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've had the chance to witness. If I counted correctly, there were 18 attendants in the wedding party. The men wore kilts, and the ladies wore a dress designed by Althea, of course). Sadly, my images shot in the church did not turn out as I would have hoped, otherwise I'd share them with you. I have never heard a set of vows more beautiful than the words that Althea and Stewart spoke to one another. The lovely bride even got choked up after hearing Stewart's words and had difficulty getting out her own set. Truthfully, I think most of us were choked up. Good job Stewart!

The Reception

Althea Harper's Wedding

Althea Harper's WeddingThis is where the real fun began, of course! The reception was held in downtown Dayton at Therapy Cafe. I have never been to Therapy. The drinks were ok, the food was a bit scarce, but I had a nice flask of Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka with me (if you've never tried this - it's dangerously delicious) so I was all set. I felt like such a crasher because the only other person I knew there beside my husband was Lisa of the Beaute Box. But it didn't matter - every one was there to have fun and celebrate the couple. I can honestly say that it is the first reception I have been to where the cake cutting has turned into a food fight and the bride has ended up on the floor covered in frosting.

Talking with Althea's Mom

Althea Harper's Wedding
I had the opportunity to meet Althea's Mother last summer when Althea came to highlight her Sittella collection at Evny at the Greene. I thought for sure she wouldn't know who I was - I don't remember people I meet randomly like that. But she just came out with "Oh! You're the one who got Althea that beautiful vase!" Talk about shocking me. I'm not sure even my mom knew the details of my bridal gifts. Anyway, she was dressed in this lovely coral dress, which I think was made of silk (I overheard).

Althea Harper's WeddingMeeting Ashlie Cormier
For those of you who have had the pleasure of ordering from Althea Harper, you probably have emailed with Ashlie. She has spoken to me at length over email about a lot of different things, always pertaining to my purchases or possible purchases. She's an absolute delight and super helpful, and I managed to finally meet her in person! We found each other through tweets, of all things. And it turns out, she was standing right behind me at the reception. Of course we had to take a picture together!

I should also mention that a picture I took of Ashlie and her boyfriend easily became one of my favorite candid shots of the night:

Althea Harper's Wedding

Isn't that beautiful?

And Then There was This Guy...

Althea Harper's Wedding

Althea Harper's Wedding

Note to Self: NEVER try to repeat something my husband said when making small talk!!!. When meeting this groomsman, I tried to relay a comment on his outfit that my husband made and it didn't come out right.   But really... does he not remind you of that Starburst commercial with the Scotch-Korean and the Albino Lifeguard in this picture? I tried to explain that, with very limited to no success. All that he said was "Taste the Rainbow" so I'm pretty sure my attempt at small talk fell flat.I hope he didn't take offense - I feel bad.

Regardless he was at the center of the action all night long. The wedding party made him give an impromptu speech. I am also pretty sure they rigged the Garter Toss in his favor (you can see it on his head to the right). Clearly, very much a friend of all who were in attendance. I wish I could get to know him better.

Now for some random pictures:

Althea Harper's Wedding
Lisa Scott of the Beaute Box Getting her Groove On

Althea Harper's Wedding
Pre-Cakewar planning

Althea Harper's Wedding
Althea looking beautiful

Althea Harper's Wedding
Father Daughter Dance

Althea Harper's Wedding
Father-Daughter Dance (Full Dress Shot)

Althea Harper's Wedding
Mother-Son Dance (Full Kilt!)

First Dance
I managed to get the first dance on video... if you want you can see below:

I have a bunch of other pictures but none of them are really all that great. It was hard with my point and shoot camera and I kept getting the dreaded red-eye on everyone. But I hope you enjoyed this post and that I could bring you at least a little bit of the happiness all of us shared at the wedding.

To Althea and Stewart,

We at Pretty in Dayton wish you the best of luck, and know that you two are going to be happy no matter what. We've really never seen a more happy couple at their own wedding than the two of you (and by "we" we mean Styrch). It was truly a pleasure to be counted among your guests. XO - Styrch

P.S.  Did I mention that my husband and I both got our degrees from the University of Michigan? Always a pleasure to meet Wolverine Fans down here in "enemy" territory.