Saturday, May 7, 2011

Did Someone Say They Wanted Inglot Swatches?

I think someone did...

My New Inglot Palette!!!

My New Inglot Palette

One of my objectives on my recent trip to Vegas was to hit the Forum Shops and dive into Inglot head first. Fortunately, I had some awesome help: the extremely lovely Melissa from The Daily Nail. We met up at Inglot while my husband was working on his class project in our hotel room (crappy vacation plan, if you ask me), and I picked myself out a palette full of neutrals!

Inglot Swatches
Top Row: P 347, AMC 48, P 399, DS 460, DS 502
Bottom Row: P 407, P 405, P 402, DS 457, P 423
Inglot Swatches
Top Row: P 347, AMC 48, P 399
Bottom Row: P 407, P 405, P 402

Inglot Swatches
Top Row:  P 399, DS 460, DS 502
Bottom Row: P 402, DS 457, P 423
It was so much fun picking these shades out! They gave me a little magnetic board and let me load it up with all sorts of shadows to bring to them so they could get my order ready. It was such a different shopping experience. You take the samples with you as you shop! The only downside to this was that Melissa and I kept having to go back and forth between each other's little magnetic boards when one of us had a color the other wanted to try. Needless to say, after wandering around in that store for a good period of time my arms were covered up and down like Karla Sugars. Melissa took a great shot and posted it on Twitter somewhere...

If I'm being brutally honest here, I absolutely adore the Pearl and the AMC shadows (though I have no idea what AMC stands for and I was too excited to ask). I also was completely aware as I was choosing these shadows that I probably have duplicates or at least twin sisters for pretty much everything here. But that's ok. I know this palettes is going to get used.

My only disappointment (a minor disappointment) is that in my fury of finding just the right shades I didn't choose a representative sample of all the finishes! I guess I'm just attracted to pearls. I also didn't evaluate the DS (double sparkle) as much as I should have. I don't like these as much in practice as I did in the store. They are sort of matte with shimmer particles, which are prone to fall out. This is easily fixed with a base, sticky if you prefer. These shadows were not swatched with a base.

I also picked up a couple of Pigments...

Inglot AMC Pigment 22
Pigment AMC 22

Inglot Pigment AMC 65
Pigment AMC 65

Inglot AMC Pigments
Top: AMC 22, Bottom AMC 65 (with flash)

Inglot AMC Pigments
Top: AMC 22, Bottom AMC 65 (with no flash)

These pigments have very different texture. AMC 22 is a new favorite pigment of mine because I love it's plum/gold shimmery goodness. The thing I don't like about it is the fallout (which you can clearly see in my swatch). AMC 65 on the other hand is creamy pigment wonderfulness. Believe me when I say this: I WANT MORE.

Bottom Line
I don't think you can really go wrong with Inglot. But like any line, you will have formulas you like over others. Fortunately, the prices aren't bad and unlike MAC, if you buy more you get a discount.